Need Help ASAP Breakage alert!!!

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Hello all,

I have been natural all my life. I have never had a perm or coloring have never even had a weave. However after having long hair and breaking it off I have decided to cut the heat. I tried wash n go's with no success and a few days ago I did my first Bantu twist out. Well I am in love with the results and have gotten so many compliments. I may like this better than my straight hair but now I see so many little broken hairs everywhere, and my hair feels supper dry. I used tresemme moisture rich shampoo, and tresemme naturals conditioner. I also deep conditioned with olive oil deep conditioner. As a styler I used shea moisture curl styling milk. I just need advice cause I love my hair this way but the whole point of this was to stop breakage so if it continues to break its not helping me. Help please
I use to hate my curly hair and straighten it all the time put i have since worn it curly, but like yours it was dry, i have just treid to put as much moisture into it as possible and it has gradually got better. Have you tried conditioning twice or leaving your conditioner in instead of washing it out and products that would put moisture into it, such as a leave in conditioner? That might help it become less dry, hope this helped
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Dry, brittle hair can be caused by too little moisture or too much protein. You can check your products for protein, and see if using products without it helps. I use rinse out conditioner and leave in conditioner in the morning, and I also spray my hair with a mixture of conditioner and water at night. If your hair is over conditioned, it will become limp or feel greasy, so you will know to cut back on the conditioner.
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Be Happy!


Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.
I was having a bit of the same problem. I found it was the Shea moisture hair milk. The protein in it was too much for me. It's got more protein then the CES and sometimes that's too much for me too. Try cutting out the milk for a week or 2 for something else and see what happens.

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Omg I didn't even realize that there was protein in the milk that could definitely be it. I have never used protein so maybe my hair is sensitive to it? I will be washing my hair tomorrow and I am going to use something else instead and hopefully that will keep it from breaking. Thank you so much I hadn't even considered that it might be the protein.

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