Growing out from <1-inch pixie cut! (2c/3a)


I have been silicone-free thanks to this website and other resources since March of this year. I've been growing out my <1-inch pixie cut (was longest at crown of the head,) since December, and so far my 2c/3a in the front/2b in the back locks have grown about 4 inches in 7 months. My hair also is coarse, dense, and does not take product well (not sure if that means my hair has a low porosity and rejects it or if it is high and sucks it up like a sponge!) Right now my regime is baking soda/water cleanse + apple cider vinegar rinse twice a week (I also use the same for my face.) I'm looking into adding coconut cream into my twice a week regime to further help relax and straighten my hair, and also investing in some Argan oil as a leave-in oil (I've heard this will also loosen up curl as well as moisturize.) Ideally I am looking to straighten my hair as much as possible naturally, no offense to all you curly girls out there but I myself was pleasantly surprised to find out that after going on this all-natural regime with my hair it not only became more healthy but naturally it would seem my hair isn't as curly or frizzy as in the past! Curly chic is just not for me girls! I'm much more of a messy, relaxed, choppy hair kind of gal. Alexa Chung's messy shag with a fringe would be my ultimate (for now) style to work up to, although my hair will never be that naturally straight, I'll just have to make it my own!

So hello NC community! Looking forward to getting to know all of you, and bombarding you with questions! I'm going to start keeping a visual journal of my hair as it grows, I will look into starting a new thread with my first pic of my hair now, and keeping anyone who's interested updated in what ingredients I try and the result of those, so... hooray! Hooray for hair and natural product!

Miranda Cabot (cah-boh)
Hi Cabot! Thanks for joining our curly world. You will learn lots and have lots of fun here!
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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