Newbie with 2 questions :)

Hello all! This is my first post on the boards, and I'm super excited to have found a community where I can talk about my hair with people who *get it*. My hair is 2c/3a, highly porous and in need of some TLC.

First question : has anyone used Mixed Chicks and is it really any good?

2nd Question: the very top layer of my hair is super dry, frizzy, fly away, straw like etc etc. Just awful. My underlayer (idk what to call it) closest to my neck is pretty smooth, shiny and soft with nice curls. Any recommendations on what the problem is/ how to fix it? My guess is sun damage.

Although I know its pretty unrealistic (considering its a wig and all) I dream of smooth, beautiful Christine Daae hair lol
Welcome, omgthatsfun! I've tried Mixed Chicks and liked it. I prefer Shea Moisture. Finding the right products is largely a matter of trial and error. Try 'em both and see which works better for you.

Sun, smog, wind, blow drying, etc. are all factors that can wreak havoc on our top layer of hair. Moisture, moisture, moisture! Have you done a deep treatment? Sometimes I need to use a little extra leave in on trouble spots.

Keep reading here and watch the products you use. Your hair will get healthier and that alone may take care of the extra dryness on top.
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Hi there omgthatsfun—so glad you joined our curlyworld!

Here are some reviews about Mixed Chicks you might like to look at.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
I couldn't agree more with you on Christine Daae's hair, oh what a dream. On the other hand I think you just ruined my hair aspirations. Call me stupid, but it's being a wig never crossed my mind.
I Love my curls, and yours!

2c-3a curls
love Totally Twisted line, & Aussie Leave in Hair Insurance. Don't forget aloe vera gel!

Cowash W/Vo5 conditioners, and Thermasilk by Heline curtis.
Love honey!!!

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