Layering Question :)

I have 2c hair, and its long-just at the top of my hips when wet, its also very thick. I've looked over all the Hair Type things, so i'm good with that. But I have a question on Layering. I always heard that layering curly hair was okay, that it made it more manageable if its long layers. Is that true? Every time I bring it up to my dad, he looks at me like I'm insane. I don't want to lose any of my length, so can I get layers without it poofing out? Thanks for any help
Long layers help keep me from getting that dreaded triangle head but my hair is not as long as yours. Is your hair laying nicely? Have you talked to a stylist? It's difficult to tell if layers would be right for you without seeing it. Maybe pictures would help you get better feedback?
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Many curlies find that long layers work best for them.

Welcome to our curlyworld, btw! Glad you're here.
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You are beautiful!

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