How to sleep with curly hair? And what Shampoos have no sulfate??

Okay I have 2 questions. Well my mom says I NEED to use shampoo. I am trying to do the CG method and it says "no poo" . Is there a shampoo with no sulfate? Because my mom won't stand for me not to use shampoo. And after my shower I brush my hair and let it air dry and leave it wet and sleep on it. But then I wake up to a lion king poofy mess hair-do in the morning. I am starting school soon and I really would like my hair tamed by then. I used to straighten it last year but it damages hair. I want to have my hair natural but without the mess. What products should I put after my shower? and how do I have no poof in the morning? what do i need to put on my head while i am sleeping? or is there i product i can put and then go to sleep? please help me out here .

i think i have 3a hair
These are some Brands that have sulfate shampoo:
Aubrey organics
Shea moisture
Kinky curly
Trader joes brand

As for products after you wash:
Straight conditioner
Sweet ambrosia leave in from Karen's body beautiful
Giovanni direct leave in is nice
Knot today by kinky curly

When you got to sleep:
Use a satin pillowcase
Pineapple your hair on top of your head
Use a satin scarf

In the mornin when you wake you you can just refresh your hair with water
Hi there, I haven't been doing the CG method for long either. But I find if you let your hair dry before you go to bed, it won't be quite so poofy. Also a lot of people here like the pineapple basically you put all your hair in a scrunchy loosely at the top of you head. Just do a search on this site for how to pineapple you will get a better description that way. Another option ( if you can find time before school) is to just wash your hair in the morning instead. Or ...(LoL) you can rinse you hair in the morning either in the shower, sink, etc. . . Or I just use a spray bottle with some water and maybe some ACV added. Then add prouduct or what not. I'm still working on my routine, so I'd love it if you would tell me when you find what works. Anyway,sorry to ramble.
I Love my curls, and yours!

2c-3a curls
love Totally Twisted line, & Aussie Leave in Hair Insurance. Don't forget aloe vera gel!

Cowash W/Vo5 conditioners, and Thermasilk by Heline curtis.
Love honey!!!

Sometimes when I lie awake at night I ask.
"Where have I gone wrong?" Then a voice says.
"This is going to take all night."

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I can't follow full CG; I tried for weeks and weeks and my hair just doesn't like it. It goes limp and wavy without the occasional shampoo, so don't worry if you think shampooing is going to work better for you.

I use Tigi Catwalk Curlesque, which is sulfate free. I buy it in big salon bottles online. It seems expensive but because I only shampoo maybe once a week or so it lasts MONTHS.

Tresemme Naturals shampoo uses a different KIND of sulfate, which is supposedly better for you than SLS, so it's advertised as "lower sulfates." I keep a bottle of that at my boyfriend's in case I'm ever staying over and desperately need a wash. That's cheaper and available just about everywhere, I think.

L'Oreal does a range that's sulfate-free, too. (EverPure, I think?) I haven't been able to try that, unfortunately. Although I've seen it advertised a lot in our newspapers recently, I have yet to actually FIND the stuff on any shelf in the UK!

As for sleeping, a pineapple doesn't work brilliantly for me; my hair is a little too short, which means the bottom layers get stretched out and my curls always look smooshed in the morning so I end up re-wetting anyway. It works for a lot of people though, so give it a shot if you have long hair.

If you don't like the results, two things I try: re-wetting my hair in the morning with a spray bottle and applying extra product then, or plopping (a quick YouTube search can explain that to you if you don't know what it is) barely damp hair into a silk scarf and sleeping like that. Those work better for me.
What is a pineapple for sleeping?
I ordered today a satin pillowcase <3
Well if this doesn't work i think i am gonna try something like a slepping cup.
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Put your hair on top into something like a pony tail with a loose scrunchie.
I tried a satin sleeping cap recently but it din't stay on my head through the night. May be the one I bought wasn't so good. Satin pillow help.
3a hair, few inches below shoulder level (when dry)
Shampoo: Al'chemy lavender shampoo
Co-wash: Tresemme naturals nourishing moisture
Conditioner: Style aromatherapy curl control
Leave in: Al'chemy 24 hr intensive moisture leave in
Curl cream: Joico curl definer or Trevor sorbie original curl cream
Gel: Frizz ease curl define style gel
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I have struggled with my hair for decades and a few times I chatted with curly folks about their hair and heard about not using shampoo and I shuddered at the thought! Conditioner (which I did always use a little of to make sure I could get a comb through my hair) always felt greasy against my scalp and skin - and so I never tried the co-washing routine until a few months ago and guess what? It totally works the way everyone said it would!! I suppose it took a week or two to transition to it but now I wash with big handfuls of Suave or VO5 conditioner, I use a lot more than I ever did of shampoo or conditioner but I use big handfuls and scrub vigorously with the pads of my fingers, and then rinse super well - and my scalp feels as clean as is ever did with shampoo - and my hair feels so much better. So, I probably was like your mom for years - thinking that I could never stand the feeling of not using shampoo - that I wouldn't feel clean, etc....
I'm new to CG as well, and still trying to figure things out. Second day hair seems to be my biggest challenge.

I get up super early for work, so I like to take a shower before bed. I will use No Poo, or just a co-wash. I also go to bed with wet hair. My hair isn't long enough to do a pineapple. I tried a scarf, but it comes off in the night. I'm going to pick up a silk pillowcase this week.

Anyways, since I go to bed with wet hair, I just don't add styling products before bed. In the morning, I dunk my entire head under the sink faucet, wet my hair completely, finger comb it, and then add my styling products. If it's second day hair, like the day after I have added the styling gel, then I just wet it with a spray bottle to "reactivate" the product. If it's after I cleanse or cowash, I will wet my hair completely under the faucet.

So far, this is working for me. It doesn't seem to rinse out any additional conditioner from the night before, or leave my hair dry or frizzy.

Make sense?

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