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I've just signed up, not quite sure of my curl type yet though but I need some advice. I've straightened my hair for the last two years so I'm new to the whole curly thing again. I currently have a full fringe that I am trying to grow out. My hair is just above chest length when straight and a teeny bit past shoulder length when curly.

I have a lot of split ends so I am looking for a good curly shampoo to help with that. I don't use conditioner because if I rub it in my roots, it makes my hair greasy but do you think I should just apply to the ends? And if so what conditioners? Finally I'm looking for some mist, spray or whatever to keep it soft and good shape. Can anyone help with this?

Thank you
I am a newbie myself. Are you planning on doing CG? If so, I would recommend starting with the samples of the DevaCurl line. I really liked them and they made it easier to pick out cheaper products. I think I might go back to some if I can't find things that are comparable. If you are not going CG, or even if you are, the search feature here is great and you can find LOTS of helpful reviews, too!

2b/2c Thick, med texture, med porosity

CG 7/25/12

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RO: TN, SN Coconut
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Methods: MysteryFlavored, SMasters, Icequeen,
2nd Day: pineappling w/ claw clip, satin cap, spritz & diffuse, clip roots, dry plop
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May be you should use a lighter conditioner from mid way to the ends, avoiding the roots. Tresemme naturals nourishing moisture conditiner worked for me. It does not have silicones. A little ttrimming might help get rid of the split ends.
3a hair, few inches below shoulder level (when dry)
Shampoo: Al'chemy lavender shampoo
Co-wash: Tresemme naturals nourishing moisture
Conditioner: Style aromatherapy curl control
Leave in: Al'chemy 24 hr intensive moisture leave in
Curl cream: Joico curl definer or Trevor sorbie original curl cream
Gel: Frizz ease curl define style gel
Hi Avie,
I joined this site this morning too and am just reading up on CG. Go to the newbies thread and there is a thread there telling you about it. It's a minefield but after seing some before and after pictures I'm definitely going to try it!

PS Don't put conditioner on your roots, just mid to end, this will stop the roots getting greasy xx
CG stands for "Curly Girl" and refers to the book by Lorraine Massey. It basically refers to using sulfate-free, silicone-free products, that don't strip or build up on your hair. A kinder gentler way of managing our hair.

Check out the "HAIR TYPES" link at the top left of the page and look into learning your hair properties (width, density, porosity) these will help you to know what ingredients work best with your hair, and will help you choose products. You can also look at signatures for people with hair like yours to see what they like/use.

Welcome to our party!
Be Happy!


Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.
Glad you're here, Avie!
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You are beautiful!

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