a month into cg and having some trouble

So all of a sudden i got a little hair crazed about my curls

when i started to do CG i went out bought so much stuff i didn't like my hair crunchy so i tryed so many different products now i found one that works its just a mousse and i use a leave in

my curls are weird one side has tons of them and the other is kind of relaxed idk why lol but since i started CG my hair has been sort of flatter less fuller idk if it just isnt for me this method just need some insite

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Hi Mlivvi! Looks like you attached a picture to your post but it's not coming through for me.

There are many things that may be contributing to your issues. If your hair was damaged when you began this process, it may take some time to get enough moisture in to repair it. If it was severely damaged, you may need to wait for the damage to grow out.

Like you, when I started here, I was excited and enthusiastic and wanted to try everything I read about on these boards. I learned to tone it down. My hair is very fine and the porosity is on the low side. Because my hair is fine, it is easily overconditioned and weighed down. Because my porosity is low, product tends to sit on my hair and not soak in. Bad combination for a product junkie! For me, lighter products and "less is more." You don't mention your hair properties or the products you use so I don't know if I'm hitting the mark. But if your products/routine isn't working you may want to tweak it. I had to do tons of tweaking before finding a routine that works.

Hang in there!
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Welcome, Mlivvi! We're glad you're here!
Like Mhen said, it might just take a while for your hair to "settle in."
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You are beautiful!

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