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Hola everyone. My name is Charlotte. I am from the beautiful Caribbean island Dominican Republic. I really want to record my hair journey and that is why I am creating this post. I made the decision to go natural this week. I have thought about it for over a year and I actually went 2 months without relaxing last year but I ended up getting my hair relaxed because I couldn't handle two textures. The reason why I am NOT giving up this time is because I have all the reasons in the world to go natural. If you look at my profile pic, my hair is sorta damaged. I do not know how to maintain it. My mom used to keep my hair healthy but I moved an hour away. I also want to embrace what God gave me. I have not seen my natural hair for years and I can't remember it. I got relaxed at about age 9-10. I'm now 21. I believe my natural hair is a 3c. I guess I won't be fully sure until I have completely transitioned but from what I have heard it is a long process. I'm nervous about my journey because I've heard how hard it is but there is no going back now. I already bought 12 products that will help me with my transition. I refuse to give up. Now that I have found this website and many others, I am overwhelmingly informing myself on transitioning. I know I am not alone in my journey. I have so many wonderful people on this website supporting me just like I will support them. I will not do the big chop because my hair is mid-back and I don't like short hair. I will trim away my ends little by little. I hope I can find natural hairstyles that I like because I do not like braids, twists, cornrows, weaves, etc. I've never worn a wig or weave in my life! Thanks for reading my first blog guys. I hope to meet many beautiful and courageous women on this site. I'm just starting so there's not much to show but I want to record this whole journey
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Welcome, bohemian_star! This is a great place to find the help, info and support you are looking for as you bring out the best in your curls!
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Hi bohemian_star! So glad you're here... you'll find lots of information and lots of curl love.
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You are beautiful!

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