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I've been up all night devouring everything I can on this website! It's been such a blessing to discover.

My question!

Well let me prelude with that over the past year I've lost a significant amount of weight. Almost 110 pounds! And now that I'm finally healthy and happy I wanted to reward myself with getting a super cute/edgy pixie cut.

The only thing that is holding me back now is I'm biracial. My dad is black my mother is white. My hair dry and without any product in it is incredibly large! It's puffy and course. My goodness.

What I want from the haircut is a Rihanna-esque style.

Do you think that with my hair type I'll be able to manage it? I live in the south and it can be quite humid. But I am more than ready to pay what I have to pay for product/maintenance.

The two photos that are not Riri are not me but that is definitely my hair!

I'm unsure if it's important but when I do take alll that time needed to straighten my hair, it does behave quite nicely. But because I live in such a hot place I always keep it in a ponytail. I also don't like the feel of hair on my neck. :/

Thanks so much for taking the time to read! ANY help would be really appreciated!
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Hi there and welcome to our curlyworld! We're so glad you've joined us.

Congratulations on your weight loss! What an accomplishment!

As to what hairstyle would look good on you, it's hard to judge without seeing pix of you and without knowing your hair type. I would suggest finding a curl expert stylist in your area and seeing what she has to say.

Straightening your hair every day, of course, will take quite a toll on its health. You might want to try to find a cute curly hair style that takes advantage of your curls.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!
That was the style I used to dream of. From the time I was 12 til I was 60, that is the hair/style I wished I had. At one point, I even chemically relaxed my hair in an attempt to get it. I hated my relaxed hair. It was limp, unresponsive, dead. I couldn't wait to grow it out. Now, I accept that that is not my hair and never will be. I am happy sporting a curly pixie. I love it, and don't have to fight my hair to get it.

No advice, just my own story and experience.
Be Happy!


Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.

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