Hi I'm newbie here. Just bc 9/6/12 after having relaxed hair for most of my life. Definitely big change after having long hair so long but I'm actually rather enjoying it. Does anyone have any advice far as scab hair? I'm pretty certain I got all the relaxed ends off but there's random hairs that seem to stick out straight and also some parts seem rougher to the touch than others. Will this go away eventually with good hair care (moisture,etc) or would those parts eventually have to b cut off? Also what would u guys say my "type" is far as curl pattern. I like to keep that n mind when looking at product reviews. Also I have dense hair which I think is low to medium porosity but not positive about that. Thanks for any help! :-)

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Hi Shylee and welcome to CurlTalk!
We invite you to dig around the site; you'll find lots of great information and curl love.
And you might want to post specific questions over on one of the hair boards... you'll get lots of help there!
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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