please help me.!

Okay so i started transitioning about a year ago and i loved my hair once it was completely natural. My curls were beautiful and bouncy and i could tell my hair was healthy. Over the summer i did protective styles for 3 months and my hair grew. I recently got a highlights and color in my hair. I loved it at first but i completely hate it now. My hair has become a tangled, dry mess that i can't even get my fingers through.My curl pattern has turned to an ugly frizz and No matter what i put on it,It stays rough and dry and its starting to break off. Its making me wanna chop it all off but my progress will be gone. I wanna cry. please help thanks.!
Hang in there, Rw3! Reversing damage can take some time and patience. You may need to do some deep treatments to get moisture back into your hair. Be careful of the products you use to make sure that the moisture can penetrate the hair. For example, products will silicones may coat your hair and while it may look good for a while, they can block much needed moisture. Harsh shampoos can strip moisture from the hair. Read as much as you can on these boards. There's a ton of great info that can help you get your hair back to healthy.
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thanx a ton.! i wont cut it. ill jus try to get it back healthy
Hi Rw3! Glad you've joined us here!

It can be hard, but with time and patience, hopefully you'll get your healthy har back!
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You are beautiful!
Hi Rw3! Aw, that must be hard! Maybe you could try a coconut oil moisturizing treatment. I have heard that coconut oil works wonders for dry and damaged hair, although I myself use an Olive/jojoba oil mixture since coconut oil is more expensive for me. Most types of oils really make hair healthy and soft, so whatever type you could afford would be good. I usually do an oil treatment to my hair before I take a bath or shower (I just rub the oil throughout my hair and scalp and especially at the ends of the hair and let it sit for 30 min. or longer). I will even rub just a small dab of oil into my ends whenever it is hard to manage or feeling dry without washing it out.

There are some cons to using oils though. Using them too frequently can weigh down curls, so just be careful not to do it too often if you do try it.

Be careful also with shampoos and conditioners since most shampoos have sulfates which are harsh on the hair and most conditioners have cones which can build up on hair after a while and cause dryness and breakage. Also be careful not to use a hair brush on your hair, especially when it is curly since this will cause breakage. The best thing to do is use a wide tooth comb and detangle gently (some people use a tangle teaser which I have heard is also good). You might know about all of this already, but I just thought I'd say it just in case.

I hope that this helps and I also hope that you have a nice day!

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