3b/3c I think?!

I think my hair is somewhere between 3b/3c - don't use any sulfates or silicone products on my hair...have been using Deva products for a while. (No poo and AnGell). Recently got a "regular" cut - I think it looks ok, was much cheaper than the deva cuts
3b or 3c? (there may be some 3a bits in there as well?)
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3b/3c I think?!-2012-10-01-15-20-13.948.jpg  
I am new here to

To me you almost look like a 3a or maybe a type 2, but it is hard to tell.
I have a better picture, attaching it, its definitely curly not just wavy. Having trouble getting a good pic in my dark living room!
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3b/3c I think?!-2012-10-01-15-19-17.244.jpg  
3a hun.

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Thanks! The top layers are definitely looser than the undersides - underneath its very spirally, but its hard to get a decent pic in my house
Thats what i thought. That's why I'd settle with 3a.

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So I think the top layers are looser like this because of damage from heat/hair coloring, do you think it is possible that eventually it could all be like the underside if I used more moisturizing products in my hair? Here is a comparison of the top layer to the under layers...
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3b/3c I think?!-2012-10-01-17-06-48.911.jpg   3b/3c I think?!-2012-10-01-17-07-24.555.jpg  
Hi CurliSueRed! Welcome!

I agree that you're a 3a. Me, too!
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You are beautiful!
Your hair is very pretty. I would say 2C/3A. Welcome to NC.com.

I say 3a as well. 3c is much, much, tighter.
Kiva! Microfinance works.

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