I'm About To Shave It Off

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So its been about 8 months now without curly hair. I posted a while ago and literally went and tried every possible way to get my curls back.I used a color oops hair dye remover and then John Freeda 3 day straight the combo of both has killed my hair. NOTHING works And my lest resort is to shave my head. Amber Rose Style. I permed it like an old lady grandma perm, it all fell out and i have patches of missing hair to prove it. Its constantly falling out and my bathroom floor and sink show proof of that. It's naturally straight, it gets greasy after a day. It took me 27 years to learn my curls and now i have a new head of hair that i have no clue how to handle. It curls a little better than it used to but its still not my old hair. Not a single stylist in my city has a clue what to do and i have been to about a dozen. If i shave it, there is no guarantee it will even come back curly, but at this point i think its a risk i'm willing to take. I never imagined that my hair would stress me out. But i seriously feel like i'm not myself anymore. As vain is it sounds my hair was a part of my and my character. Now its gone! I would love some feedback before i go full GI Jane and wear a head scarf for the next year! See my picsI'm About To Shave It Off-snapshot_20110605_14.jpg

I'm About To Shave It Off-imag0047.jpg

I'm About To Shave It Off-dsc_0252.jpg

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Are you deep conditioning weekly? Staying away from the flat iron? And color, too, if you can. The less you continue to damage your hair, the better the chance it will recover.
Also note that there are some health issues that can cause a change in curls. So if you're feeling anything weird with your health, you might want to get that checked out.
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Go to a stylist for a consultation dont just cut it all off especially amber rose style... So for claification you have been wearing your hair natural for 8 months and your not getting the curl you want or is it damaged hair
I'm physically ok. Well at least i think. lol. But yes i'm totally chemically free. No dye and nothing else done. I should have taken a pic of the back of my hair. There is MAJOR breakage, bald spots and broken off pieces. I have been dying and frying my hair since 18 but it has never been in this condition. I have been told by 2 stylist i changed something with the folices of my hair? It it limp, oily after a day and when i try and "curl/scrunch" it only the back seems to get wavy. the front and sides are stringy. I honestly dont do much to it whatsoever. I have no clue what products to use. I hate is straight. So i just wear it in a bun. I literally have a new and unwanted head of hair that i don't know what to do with. Some stylist tell me to just leave it alone cut it quite often and don't put ant chemicals. Others have told me to cut it all off. No one i have spoken with has EVER seen this.
I'm physically ok. Well at least i think. ...
Originally Posted by Khrystena1985
I strongly agree with Gretchen. While your hair might just be damaged from over-processing, you really should get a basic medical check up to be on the safe side because there are several conditions, a couple of them serious, that can cause some of the drastic changes you describe (especially your hair falling out).

Whatever your medical status, there are a few things you can do to try and correct your hair symptoms. These are things I used recently to help my hair come back from a rogue dye job, compliments of a shade of semi-permanent color called "Natural Instincts" that was recently recalled (I suspect there was too much peroxide in the formula):

First, wash your hair with regular shampoo to remove any product build-up you may have. Next - because of the limpness of your curls and the fact that your cuticles might be compromised or damaged, use a conditioning protein reconstructor (Kenra has one that's really good). After rinsing that out, use an ACV (apple cider vinegar rinse) to correct any pH imbalance you may have and use a LIGHT moisturizing conditioner (a heavy conditioner may make your hair even more limp if your hair is highly porous, which I suspect it is following all the processing). You can do a keyword search here if you want to learn more about these treatments, or someone might tell you more about them - or other treatments - in this thread.

Your hair sounds angry but it's possible it will gradually return to a more balanced state (when ruling out certain health issues). It may take patience. Here's what I did: before trying the above treatments, I took a few hairs from various parts of my head to establish a baseline sample of the starting condition of my hair. After each protein treatment (I've not done about 3 in the past 3 weeks), I took more hair samples to test progress. These samples show my hair is returning to its normal, curly and resilient state. You will hopefully find the same for your hair too.

... That said, if you don't notice any progress with any approach and you seriously are ready to hit "re-set" and just chop your hair super-short, that is a perfectly valid option. But again, regardless of what you do with your hair, I really, really encourage you to use common sense and see a doctor.
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Step away from the clippers! Let's talk about this, hun. Have you tried doing a reconstructing treatment? It has been known to stop excessive hair shedding for many people and strengthens your strands so that your hair may start curling again. Remember: healthy hair is more likely to curl than damaged hair. Also try not to panic! Be gentle with your hair. You can also massage a mixture of castor oil and a lighter oil of your choice onto the sparse patches. This will speed up their growth and cause those sections to fill in more quickly. Give it some time, and if you still want to cut your hair please cut it in a style you like and can live with. Nothing has made me more depressed than a hack job of a hair cut (happened twice in my life).
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It looks nice straight..
you cant let it grow out a bit instead of going bald? :s
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Well since i have had thin brittle hair my entire life i didn't suspect that anything was wrong with me and nothing was. I recently went to 3 different stylist who all told me something completely different. I have been researching mustard oil and argan oil but i basically have a new head of hair i don't know what to put on it. I was told by one person to get a protein treatment and leave it alone and by another to get it cut frequently and get deep conditioning treatments. My hair is pissed off! And im pissed off for ruining it. Another lady told me that its not possible to ruin your cuticles because they are constantly grown or something? and since i have curly hair that i always will it just takes time to come back. The reason i haven't really done much with my hair is i don't trust what these people are telling me! And i dont want to do anythign else to make it worse (if thats even possible) I think i will try the oils, ACV. Thank you Kork and Muffin you all have given me more input than half of the salons i went to i will try some of this and pray something works!

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