My hair's being weird. Help?

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Okay, so I'm (obviously xD) new here. Main reason (but not the only reason) I joined is because my hair is changing colors DRAMATICALLY. Like, seriously .-. I'm mixed (Asian, white, middle eastern, and native american) and I was born with solid black hair. As I got older, it got kinda lighter (blackish-brown). But now at 15 it's turning red o_o Why is this happening?
It happens. As a child my hair was a solid 3a; now it's 3c. My hair has changed from black to a mouse-y brown to dark brown. I just chalk it up to genetics, hormone changes, and age.

I'm also mixed, but I don't think that's really that relevant.
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I have medium brown hair, but it turns reddish and brassy after being out in the sun a lot. Have you been spending a lot of time outside recently?
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Welcome, HeyBruhh! Glad you're here with us!
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You are beautiful!

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