How to get this hairstyle?

Hi,im a male and really wanted some help.Down is a pic of me(the one in white),and i really wanted some good and beneficial help on how i could get my hair to be like the guy uploaded in the picture(The one with the kinky hair),and what type of hair would that be called?And i really can't go to a saloon,cause they aren't any good salons close by.
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welcome! it's hard to tell because your picture is kinda blurry, but your hair looks similar to his. if you're looking for more curl definition, i suggest getting more moisture in your routine. if you browse around the newbie section, you'll find info on what's known as the curly girl method... basically cutting out sulfates and silicones. i think that would be a great first step for you. good luck!
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Welcome, youssef!
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You are beautiful!
Thanks for the reply,could you gimme a link to the curly girl method,and my hair isn't the same like the pic,its more like and afro,so i wan't to loosen it up,and have more defined and better curls.


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