I never knew I HAD curly hair.

I'm sure that's been said around here before.
I never had curly hair as a kid. In fact I had very long, very straight, very thick shiny hair as a kid. I asked my mom for a perm when I was maybe 10 or so, and for some ungodly reason she let me do it. It gave me a body wave (or something like that) and I had no idea how to care for it, and I hated it. As soon as I was able to learn, I started straightening it. Apparently around that time (whether it had to do with that perm or not iono), I hit puberty and my hair started to change. At some point I was like "you know, that perm should have grown out by now, why am I still having to straighten this crap?" It became a habit that I didn't even think twice about. I wasn't necessarily trying to cover up unwanted curly hair anymore, but I thought I just had frizzy, weird, half-ass waves. At some point during high school I tried to fiddle around with wearing it "wavy" but it looked limp and sad and rather pitiful.

Insert 10 years of blow drying and straightening and don't forget dying (I started getting gray hair when I was 15. If I didnt dye i'd probably be 80% gray and i'm 27) and i'm surprised I have any hair LEFT. This past year i've noticed my fine little baby hairs on the back on my neck which always curled into little spirals so cutely when I wore it up, were frizzed out and crazy and wouldn't even straighten. I actually panicked a little. I've been bad to my hair for years, but i've always gotten away with it somehow and people always complimented me on how shiny and healthy looking it was.

A friend showed up to work one day with gorgeous ringlets, instead of the usual crazy frizz, and I asked her what she did. She said "I stopped shampooing". I said "..ew". I had no idea what she was talking about lol, but it looked awesome. After some research, here I am!

This is about day 5 or so, though technically the first few shouldnt count much as I found out my conditioner had silicones in it.
I wish I had a photo around of how bad my frizzed out hair looked as an adolescent. but these will work for now.

First pic i'm in the middle, maybe around 4 years old? I had long straight hair and everyone complimented it and petted my head.
Second is maybe age 22, i'd been wearing my hair in that style (long and straight) for years.
Third, I chopped it off and dyed it darker. That was the same day I got that cut, I think.
fourth is my sad attempt at "curls". you can see that while I have some S wave going on, its flat and stringy and frizzy
And last, is my hair today, after 5 days of trying to be CG
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I never knew I HAD curly hair.-7328_189977803274_1772850_n.jpg   I never knew I HAD curly hair.-4886_122637593274_2559881_n.jpg   I never knew I HAD curly hair.-10531_179037178274_1640201_n.jpg   I never knew I HAD curly hair.-009.jpg   I never knew I HAD curly hair.-picture0036.jpg  


kinda sorta the same story over here. didn't know what my natural hair looked like because i'd been getting relaxers since maybe 1st grade? But boy when those curls start to come through....hooked! hahah Welcome to CurlTalk
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Your hair is so pretty! :O <3

Growing up I didn't think I could have hair like I do today.I always brushed mine curls out and I swam in a pool a lot. I had so much hair damage. It kind of looked like Hermione from the first Harry Potter movie. D:> I'd look at my baby pictures and wonder where did my ringlets go?

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I just got my Devacut yesterday! I meant to take a photo of that one, but I'll have to do it later today after I shower and style it myself in the hopes that I can re-create what my amazing lady did for me. I have actual spirals (squeeeee!) Granted they are here and there and not on the canopy, but I don't care, my hair has never been able to fully spiral before. Apparently all I needed was to chop off a hand-span of hair lol.
(If anyone is around the Austin tx area, Katie Scott at Babyface Day Spa did my cut and she's WONDERFUL.) I'm excited to see what it'll do the longer I take good care of my hair. I'm so glad I found this place.

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