Help!I have Fine/Thick, 2a-2c. Where do I go?

My father has dense, fine, straight hair and my mother has medium, course, super curly hair. I somehow managed to have a mix of both on my head.

The hair in front is dense and very fine with a barely there 2a curl and as you move to the back of my head it begins to get courser and more curly. By the time you get to the back it is a very nice 2c curl.

The front will not hold any kind of style and in general makes me want to lop it off and the back is awesome and holds color and style very well.

1. Is it possible for me to go the no shampoo route and have it look good?

2. Is there anything that can be done for the ugly hair in the front?

1. Yes, the no-shampoo method will MOST LIKELY make your hair look better. And everyone can try the no-shampoo method, and for most people it works.

2. I'd leave it alone for a while while trying the no-shampoo method. Might look better because of just that.

Good luck!

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Both fine and coarse curlies seem to like, if not no poo, then certainly next to no poo or less poo. It's all about finding a balance. If you can try to assess what your hair likes you might put more moisturizing product towards the back and less to the front. More protein towards the front, less towards the back. This might be easier to do when styling... Also try and find a conditioning product that both textures of your hair might appreciate. I was surprised to hear a bunch of fine haired women (pun there) say that they like my As I Am Coconut Co-wash-which is protein free and works for my coarse hair. Have you visited yet? It might help you figure out a way to treat each texture. Also you can go to your hairdresser and ask them to do softer bouncier layers in the front to encourage waves/curl while leaving the back a little longer. That's a haircut that looks flattering on a lot of people since it frames the face.
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