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Dodo13 03-24-2013 04:49 AM

Mixed type of hair
Does anyone else have a combo of hair types? I have straight hair at the bottom of my head, 2A in the middle, and 3B on top (I guess. I am new with the terminology). I have been keeping my hair short (not too short, but short enough not to be put in even a small ponytail) for quiet some time now. But I get frustrated every time I want to get a hair cut. I try telling the hair dressers to keep the top part longer since it gets short when it curves, and they say they understand what I mean. But it turns out they actually don't since they keep on cutting my hair as if it were straight everywhere. So, after my hair dries, all the layers look so disproportionate with the top part looking too short and the middle and bottom looking again disproportionately long. (I actually have to tell them to cut the bottom part shorter each and every time because they leave it long, and I know it will look like a mullet afterwards! )

I got a hair cut today, and it looks terrible! I usually go get may hair cut in 'cheap' places, because I have been to more expensive places, and they actually do the same job as the cheaper places. Today I went to a better place, but the result was again disappointing! I am not sad; my hair will grow out eventually and I will use headbands until then. But I get frustrated that hair dressers don't get my hair. Most of them tell me that they have never seen such hair. Some of them even asked me if I got a perm or had some chemical process done to my hair (which I didn't). Am I really a hair freak? Is there anyone out there like me?? :sad11:

Hootenanny 03-24-2013 11:15 AM

This is actually quite common. What you want to do for your next cut is get it cut DRY. Find a Deva-trained stylist (you can look for a good one in the reviews section of this site), and they should be able to help you. They are trained to cut hair dry, curl by curl. This way there are no nasty surprises when the hair dries and shrinks up. Hope this helps!

Dodo13 03-25-2013 02:28 AM

Thank you Hootenanny. I will try such a place next time. :love1:

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