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Hi, my name is monica. I'm a 3b/3c curly hair. I'm been curly all my live but only two month or so ago that I'm naturally curly
I'm still learning about my hair because I didn't knew anything about him.
I was using relaxer since I was like 16 or 17, i'm now 29. All my live was a struggle with my hair because it was "bad hair". But now I know my hair is just different and with his own personality and it is good
When I was a little all hair dresser mistreated my hair, nobody could make him "behave". Then the solution appears to be relax him. I spend a lot of year trying to find the one relaxer for my hair, but all seams to be the incorrect one. Then when I was like 22 I fund it, the one that make my hair look good, shiny, smooth and didn't break him (really important) and I used that until 2 years ago when I didn't fund it anymore. So I change it. I used another one until a year ago when my hair star to breaks seriously. Then I said "that's it, no more relaxer". I star to finding another method to make my hair behaves. I used keratin and any treatment but my hair was looking more and more damage. I have to say that I was a slave of the flat iron. I didn't like my hair, ever, even in a good day hair (rare, but there was some). I had really greasy scalp and really dry hair. But I like those girl with a bush of hair, and I say to myself that I wish have those girls' hair and courage. My routine was washing my hair once a week with only shampoo because that way my scalp wasn't that greasy and I could last one week with my flat-ironed hair. Sometimes I used pure silicone to make my hair a little better. It was a disaster and I didn't knew. Hated going to the beach and was afraid of the rain LOL.
Like 4 months ago I decided to give up on the iron, but my hair never recuperate. He was worst. I didn't knew what to do. 2 months ago I google "latina dry curly fine hair" and voila, I found the CG method. Now I know that I was killing my hair. Today he is happy and looking so much better. And those girls' hair that I liked so much, now I have it.
I still don't know how styling him and is way to short for my taste (because of the breaking) but i'm almost there.
Sorry if I made some mistakes here, but english is my second language and it's not perfect.
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absolutely Love! Your story I did he same! Too much flat ironing and then I used a perm to get my curls back after I lost them... now my hair is breaking and it too short for my liking too ...I now use curly clip in extensions for length... could you posr a picture and your hair?
Low, low, low porosity
Loves steam and humidity
Medium width strands, ear-length
Type: 2C/3A
Products: Shea Moisture

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