Aloha from Hawaii

Hello! Another fellow curly girl here! My hair is naturally very curly but with bleach, hair dye, heat, and yrs of keratin I lost half of my curls. I recently did a big chop and went from waist length hair to arm pit. I was sad to lose so much hair but glad because I got rid of the bleached and keratin damaged hair. So here I am on a new hair journey looking for inspiration to stay away from putting heat to my hair and new ways to care for it.

My hair before

My hair now after the chop

Still has a bit of heat damage but in due time it will be gone.
Sounds alot like my hair! Im still going through the process of growing out all of the bleach and heat styling damage. I didn't cut it all off at once but I have slowly been cutting off an inch every few months and then I cut off the split ends as much as possible in between hair cuts. It has made a huge difference especially since I dont straighten it too often anymore and I use mostly natural products on my hair with no sulfates or silicone (well, I don't use those as often anymore anyway but I do sometimes when I need to clarify my hair or silicone products when I straighen my hair). Ive learned alot on these threads and my hair has never been in better shape!

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