newbie - need help

I hv just joined the community, hoping to find solution to my hair problems.
My hair type is 2c/3a, medium density fine hair. I stay in UK. I found most of the cheap and best products discussed are from US. Need help in finding right products available in UK that suit my hair. Just decided to go curly girl a week back.

I spent hundreds of dollars/pounds on different hair types, consulted so many salonists with out actually knowing my hair basics. Started my journey a week ago. Getting to know stuff.

Checked the ingredients of the products I was using and found top salon brand products (Redken) also use sulfates and cons Had to throw all of them in the bin.. (have lot of products used very little) none of them seem to help me control frizz and manage my hair.

After getting to know little abt curly girl approach, started with Matix Biolage conditioning balm for co wash (coz its silicon free) and Loreal mousse (silicon free) for styling. Im a natural favor girl for anything ( food, makeup, life style) stay away from chemicals and too much processing.

My hair just go pyramid shape when dry.
Matrix biolage co balm, seem to be good for cowash, but left my hair frizzy (though little better than before) and unlocking curls away from root. Can any one suggest what affordable products available in UK for me to use for co-wash and styling to start with?
Welcome, frizzyhair! I'm not in the UK so I can't recommend specific products. I can tell you that finding the right products can take some experimenting and some patience. This link was really helpful to me at the beginning:
Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics
You can also use the search engine on this site. I entered "UK products" and found several threads. Some may be a little old so I don't know what is still available or if formulas have changed. This one may get you started:
Good luck! Keep us posted with your progress!
3B, fine, normal to low porosity
Modified CG since June 2010
HGs: FSG, anything with glycerin, Tresemme Naturals conditioner, Curls Like Us cloths, satin pillowcases.
Thank you! will browse through the resources and know more about what suits me.
I'm in the uk and I would recommend a trip to Holland & Barrett or similar health shop as I buy a lot of my products for there... (Dr organics, aloe Vera, giovanni etc.)

I also use a lot of the homemade products on here - apple cider viniger or baking soda rinse, deep conditioning treatments and protein masks - have a look at the natural hair threads...

Hope this helps!
Thanks laura1982! Thats ver helpful, as I recently moved to UK(Northern Ireland) from USA. I may bug you for info more often as Im newbie to UK as well

I browsed the links mhen76! very good info, Thanks again.

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