Hey...I'm new here. I've been doing some reading. I wanna try the CG method. My hair type is 3A, I think....and I think I have medium hair texture and normal porosity when reading live free live curly...It's kinda funny, but My DH has never shampooed his hair since i've known him (well, he shaves his head now, but ever since i met him he use to just rinse his hair well and not use product) The shampoo I use is obviously bad, lol, the conditioner I love is also bad (its not listed in the products on here, but its dove nutritive therapy nourishing oil care, it contains amodimethicone) I'm going to buy some suave naturals coconut conditioner and find another conditioner thats heavier with no sulfates or silicones and play around with washing it all out and leaving some in....the product i use, surprisingly, is good and has good ratings (redken crystal curls 6)

Please give me any suggestions/advice. I live in Canada and on a limited budget so looking for the more affordable products that work.

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