I have searched high and low online for negative steamer reviews and have found only one or 2 "unimpressed" reviewers. I have had my steamer since this past Christmas, using once a week ever since. It was over the last 2 months that I began to notice a dry feeling to my hair the moment the steamer shut off. My hair then started breaking, most noticeably at the crown of my head, and also at the ends. At first, I thought it was the conditioners I was using, then I tried all sorts of different conditioners, then added oils, and same result. Then I thought I needed protein, maybe it conditioned too good, I pondered. I did protein treatments in an attempt to restore the balance, this is while I was previously thought to be protein sensitive. Protein actually made it feel somewhat better, but it's not back to good. I'm still not sure what's going wrong, all I know is that I have a very expensive hair steamer that I cannot use. The top of my hair (mainly) has several visible broken hairs, and the only way I can describe it is to say the hair feels literally stripped after I get done steaming. Sucked of all moisture. Am I alone?
Last Relaxer: May, 2012

3c with some 3b, low porosity, fine, medium density, protein sensitive