Tired of never wearing my natural curls! HELP!

I am 22 had curly hair since middle school (or noticed it then I used to keep my hair very very short) Ever since then i have struggled with trying to fix/manage my natural curls. On most days my hair is braided back and if it isn't braided i straighten it. I like the way i look with my curly hair down but because of my frizz/lack of definition i rarely wear it that way! So i need help in trying to style/manage my curly hair so that i can wear it everyday without feeling like people stare at a birds nest on my head!
here are a couple pictures to show my hair, I also need help classifying my hair type, I also struggle to diffuse my hair properly (always turns out frizzy)...any tips are welcome!!!

This is my hair no product (this is on a good day)

and here is my hair when i have tried to tame it.

here you can clearly see it's a frizzy mess
Frizz can be caused by a number of things; most commonly is a lack of moisture. Weather, products, build-up, hard water and techniques all play into it. This link was really helpful to me when I was first learning what my hair needed:
Live Curly Live Free - Curly Hair Basics
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