New to CG Method! & to Natural Hair!

Hey all! I have a few questions that I am unsure of. I'm new to natural hair. I done my BG 3 days ago, literally. So Im getting used to the whole CG method and which products to use. I could definitely use some advice on what you guys think. FYI, I have a twa and my hair type is 3c, 4a!

Why is it that my hair is completely dry of moisture when i get ready for bed and when i wake up??

When doing the CG method, am i still able to use a conditioner that has silicones and parables in it?

I am using the Shea Moisture / Raw conditioner / Thick & Curly for my co-wash.. Is that a good conditioner for the CG method? If not, what are some good conditioners to use daily??

During the day and night, how should I keep my hair moisturized!??

Thank you, so much!! And I look forward to your replies!
Welcome! It is well worth reading the stickies on the different boards - newbies, transitioning, type 4 and general hair discussion will all be of use to you. Also check out the articles on the main NC site, especially those by 'curl chemist' Tonya McKay.

Broadly speaking CG method is silicone free, you can use products containing parabens if you wish. Good substitute ingredients for silicones in terms of slip and shine include natural oils and the behentrimoniums.

For cleansing choose a conditioner rich in cationic surfactants rather than one rich in oils, butters or fatty alcohols. Your cleanser is supposed to effectively cleanse without stripping, your later products moisturise and condition. Either use a product that is specifically sold as a cleansing conditioner or Suave Naturals, V05, Tresemme Naturals and Inecto are all popular drugstore choices.

Your choice of moisturisers/ conditioners/ stylers should consider your hair properties and humidity/ dew points locally. You would want the right balance of humectants (attract water), emollients (smoothe and reduce friction), hydrolysed protein (patch damage) and oils (sealants, some reduce porosity). Personally I only rate shea butter for skincare not haircare since it cannot be absorbed just sit of the surface but YMMV.
2a-2c, medium texture, porous/ colour treated. Three years CG. Past bra strap length heading for waist.

CO-wash: Inecto coconut/ Elvive Volume Collagen
Treatments: Komaza Care Matani, coconut/ sweet almond/ fractionated coconut oils, Hairveda Sitrinillah
Leave in: Fructis Sleek & Shine (old), Gliss Ultimate Volume, various Elvive
Styler: Umberto Giannini jelly, Au Naturale styling gelee
Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
Experimenting with: benign neglect

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