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Hello Curly Ladies!

My hair journey started April 2010 when I decided to just do a big chop with my husband's clippers. I finally wanted to meet my natural after years of perming (since 5 years old).

With all the hair drama, frustration, growth, setbacks, getting lost, finding my curly savior, My journey has not been perfect but it has been well worth the experience. My hair and me have a long way to go, to understanding each other, and ultimately loving each other.

I hope to find sisters in curly hair to share my experiences with and learn from theirs as well because I feel like having a support thread is crucial to one's journey

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I could really use support. I just did my second BC and I have been using products that are not good for my hair. I am still leaning through trial and error.
I could really use support. I just did my second BC and I have been using products that are not good for my hair. I am still leaning through trial and error.
Originally Posted by Ravon08
I went through 2 big chops until I was able to find a good routine and products that worked for my hair so I know how you feel. The first year, I was suffocating and clogging my curls with too much product. Then I tried to find a curly hair stylist that could give me tips and help me find the right direction. The first stylist I tried just destroyed my curls with blow drying and straightening with a hot comb then flat iron. I completely lost my curl pattern and just went back to straightening (without perm). My hair was still crazy until I realized that I have to work with my hair rather than trying to conform it a style that is just not working for it.

I started out with the curly girl method book in December 2011 and I have been modifying the technique ever since. I just needed that direction to start with. The Devacurl products are amazing but my pocket was taking a direct hit from that. So I have been No Shampooing and using a No-Silicone based conditioner (Tresemme Naturals).

Right now, my hair is manageable, but I still have a long ways to go. I cannot tell you how many times I had to go back to basics with my hair since this.

Now, I am all about keeping it simple so I just use Alberto VO5 Moisture Milks (as a Co-Wash), Tresemme Naturals (deep condition and leave-in), and Eco-Styler. I only do this once a week, but you have to research and try products that give you great results for your hair. I do not shampoo because from what I read, it is not good for curly hair, but if you can find a no poo with no sulfates, that's fine, but I think conditioner works just fine.

I also do not use combs or brushes. I have tried both the finger and comb methods and I prefer the finger detangle best.

I suggest check out Mahogany Curls and Naptural85 as a good starting point. Naptural85 has very good styling tips and Mahogany Curls has the simplest routine.

DearNaptural85's channel - YouTube
MahoganyCurls - YouTube
JuraSiK SaRk

I have found a good sulfate free shampoo by nice & curly that my hair & I love. My routine is sulfate & silicone free & that has been great for my hair.

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