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rashondawhite 06-24-2013 11:55 AM

Hello All!
My name is RaShonda! I never planned on going natural, but I had a bad weave that pretty much forced my hand. I've not had a relaxer in about a year, but I could not, would not do the big chop. Although I (use to) get relaxers, it never fully took the curl out of my hair, so I have really tight & defined natural curls, and more lose wavy like ends. My next hair cut will be in early to mid August and I plan on cutting off the remaining relaxed ends. I recently discovered a roller set on perm rods! The smaller pink ones are bigger than my natural curl, but work well for me. The process of getting to know my natural hair is quite on my nerves, but I won't give up!

curlicious13 06-24-2013 12:55 PM

Trust me I know how you feel. My mom & I FINALLY agreed on a style that I can do that looks presentable for church. The perm rod set. Try the large rods too. They make my small curls look good too. But I still love my wash & go it feeds my laziness. Lol try Bantu knots. They look cute too.

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