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Hey ya'll

Yes im new here. And im lost. I havent relaxed my hair in 2 yrs but i never did the big chop. I am a wimp. My hair grows at at a good rate so slowly but surely, i would cut it and let it grow back. Took a while but i hardly have any relaxed ends left

Since i 86'd the relaxers i became a slave to heat which is bad...and living in Memphis, ive decided flat ironing my hair twice a month is still too much and serving no purpose...Its soooooo humid here and i sweat like crazy in my scalp.

So i want to embrace where my genes have taken me....but honestly im at a loss.... Ive read blogs, and watched tutorials, and tried out products but i feel like im not even on the right track. (my mother did my hair until i graduated high school...that's the skill level im at lol)

I love the KC Come Clean and Knot today. But past that i'm auditioning shea moisture smoothie and curls creme brule. I feel like my hair is desperately missing something, plus i probably need a curl friendly hair cut. Any tips or advice are greatly appreciated or if you know anyone who has hair that resembles mine, point me in that direction. (I have no idea what types of curls i have. I just know there are a few of them)

Thanks for reading my rambling!!
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I'm thinking I MIGHT have similar hair but since my hair is drastically shorter than yours I'm not sure. But I can help since I too am recovering from heat damage. To answer your first question, I'm not going to attempt to type your hair as I'm not the best at it. However, I can give you some helpful advice that was given to me. Base your products by the dew points of your local weather. Dew point means how much moisture the air can hold. Example, high dew points=frizzy hair. Low dew points=great hair day. On a high dew point day, don't use products that use glycerin. Glycerin will attract moisture to your hair thus causing frizz. Also, you conditioners & oils such as coconut, jojoba, & olive. These oils will penetrate the hair and allow moisture in. You can add these to your conditioner so I've read. Deep condition at least twice a month. Make sure your conditioner has fatty acid alcohols as they will allow the curls to clump together & reduce frizz. Find at least 2 gels without alcohol. A little strange but here's why. One you will need for a low dew point day when you need moisture & the other that is glycerin free that will protect your hair from the sun. Look for the ingredient benzophone-... Hope this helps.
I just want to say welcome and congrats on going natural! This coily/cury/wavy hair thing is definitely a journey, and as long as you're willing to learn - and it sounds like you are very willing to learn - you should be able to have fun learning the best products and techniques for your hair.

Please continue to post your questions and join in the discussions on these forums. You can also use the search feature at this site to do some basic research that may help you out too.

See you around

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never heard that advice before! thank you. I'll be on the lookout for products like that.. like most people, I'm a junkie
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And thanks so much for the warm welcome. it is truly appreciated!!
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Your hair surprise you. You might be able to use very few products & get great definition. Start out using a few products & to refresh with water & gel. You may only need water.

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