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Shusha29 07-14-2013 09:38 AM

I am Egyptian and no idea what to do with my hair!
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Hi, I'm new here and I finally transitions back into my natural hair. Right now my hair is dry, puffy, really frizzy, and seems to fit in the 2c/3a look. (Typical Egyptian hair) I've been searching for so long, been through so many brands and products and not a single one helped! Some would moisturize but leave it poofy and frizzy, some remove the poof but is dry and feels awful on my hair. No sure if I need to cut my hair in layers though...I need any sort of help, please and thank you!:)

Karima 07-14-2013 08:13 PM

Ahlan ya5ti =)

I'd say try a moisturizing product/hair cream or leave in conditioner and use a styling product on top, like a gel/ mouse /wax or curl cream. Apply on wet hair (not soaking) try out combining stuff to get it moisturized and defined

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BlackAngelPlayah 07-14-2013 10:00 PM

No real advice, but your hair is gorgeous!

chupie 07-14-2013 11:12 PM

Have you been reading on the curly girl method?

Shusha29 07-14-2013 11:54 PM

Thank you so much guys!! Ehh not really, no. I guess I should start reading about that now :) shukran Karima I will try this as well, hopefully it works :)

chupie 07-15-2013 09:25 AM

You will see a big difference if you use the curly girl method!!

Shusha29 07-15-2013 01:05 PM

I have read about it, but Inswim a lot and need to use shampoo to rinse out the chlorine. Is there something else I can substitute to clean my hair?

chupie 07-15-2013 01:39 PM

Therebare non sulfate clarifying shampoos. Also if you pre-soak your hair with water and wear a cap it'll keep from absorbing much chlorine. Was and condition well as so as you can. Are you in the US?

Shusha29 07-15-2013 01:46 PM

Oh true, I found some conditioner from herbal essenses that cleanses the hair so I might try I live in Canada. I think I will start trying herbal essences conditioners because aubrey organics have failed me, did not work at all. Any suggestions on what conditioners from herbal essenses can help?

chupie 07-15-2013 02:16 PM

Look for coconut oil too. It is an amazing conditioner. You made need a real cowashing with coco-betaine to get it well out.

Shusha29 07-16-2013 11:07 AM

Does hot oil treatment do good for my hair?

Karima 07-16-2013 02:03 PM

Yes it would probably, but only if you use unrefined pure oils. Especially avocado oil, coconut oil and olive oil are really good

Shusha29 07-16-2013 05:57 PM

Okay, thank you I will also try hot oil treatments every week..but what I have now with the CG method is already working fantastically!! Thank you chupie fir all the advice, it was really helpful. I feel really dumb for not finding this myself but thank you all so much!:)

chupie 07-17-2013 10:07 AM

Don't feel dumb!!!! If everyone knew about it there would be no need for forums! Heck you are lucky if you find a hairdresser who knows about it. And it's their profession! Glad it is helping!

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