Same question different girl with a curl

Hi all,

I'm new of course looking for some advise. I have had the same hair cut for almost 8 years and am looking for a change. I'm a new mom and get my hair pulled just about everyday. I'd like to cut it shorter but have a few questions/concerns. I'm afraid of how my curl is going to react once cut, I'd like to still wear it in a pony tail every now and then and what style should I go with for my face shape?! All these questions should be reserved for my hair stylist but I have yet to find someone who is competent. Every pro I have been to blows my hair out after my cut. Can I ask them to cut my hair dry? I could use some help!

Thanks so much!

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Hi Ana, I'm kind of new here too so I don't know if this will be a BIG help, but I'll try. =) What type of hair do you have? I have 3A hair and have had it cut from about the middle of my back to just above my shoulders. If my curls changed any, they just got curlier. Layers are a must have for curly hair no matter what length your deciding on. I think you can ask your hair stylist to cut your hair dry. Whenever my hair has been cut it has always been just slightly damp. If you cut curls wet you might end up with an unpleasant surprise, because they really do spring up a lot after cutting. I'm not so sure about the whole face shape thing...all I know is that I have a squarish shape face and I know that curls are supposed to go along nicely with that. Sorry...I know I'm not being much of a help. =( Anyway, good luck with your new haircut!

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