Hey everyone!
I've got 2A wavy swavy black hair.
I've got definite hair issues. Hair gets clumpy and sticky. The little ones near the scalp won't curl down, making it look like I'm on a static machine at times. My hair sometimes has a mind of it's own (don't we all have that problem?) It's thinning like crazy- both in thickness on general, where you can sort of start to see little bits of scalp when I pull a ponytail, and in individual thickness- I mean fine, thin, almost invisible strands. The only consolation is that it grows- long. I'd cut it recently till shoulder blade level, and now in two months, it's grown way past that to my mid back! Yey!
I'm not into straight hair, and I'll never take heat to my hair too often, if I can help it. I love my waves! Except for the thinning problems, that is...