Just Big Chopped, Freaked Out at First... Lol.

Just Big Chopped, Freaked Out at First... Lol.-image.jpg

What do you think? My hair was so long! Lol. But, I wanted it curly. #Sacrifice

I had my son with me at the salon. The plan was to go directly from there to stores to price at least a natural conditioner and leave-in until the end of the month when I can go product junkie crazy.... didn't happen that way. I was calm while I was there. I raced home, told him to go watch tv, immediately washed that Design Essentials junk out of my hair and went into my already natural sister's room to steal stuff. Needless to say, none of her crap worked. Lol. We have two totally different hair textures. Hers is more coarse in the 4s. I have some of that, too. But, I'm thinking it's mostly in the 3s.

I had my eye on the As I am Coconut CoWash which was sold out at Walgreens and Target or the Shea Moisture Restorative Conditioner. While I was price checking I went to Earth Fare and barely had enough time to look around with a six year old begging for toys and to go home. I got some Dr. Bonner's Castile Soap, we're breaking out. Some Everyday Shea Moisturizing Conditioner (lavender), and some Kinky Curly from target before literally almost running everyone on the street over to get back home. Now, I'm here, Sis loaned me a satin cap. I'm tired as hell from putting 900 products in my hair. And I think I'm ok. Just not ok enough to post on instagram, yet. Lol.

Side note: I'm a graphic designer and tech geek. I use computers all the time. Y in the world does my right-side-up picture on my computer keep uploading sideways on Naturally Curly??? Anyone? Anyone? No? Nothin? Lol. #KevinHart


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Your hair's freaking gorgeous!
Congrats on your BC ^-^
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Thank you so much!!! I'm just kinda still in shock. Lol.

My advice is to relax and please don't feel like you must learn everything about your natural hair all at once. It can take some time to find products and techniques that work best, and you wanna start out w/a simple regimen. At least at first. If you throw a whole bunch of different product at your hair at once, you probably won't know specifically what your hair likes or doesn't like. Besides, your hair may behave quite differently once it grows out more (your curl pattern may or may not change a little or drastically).

You might find it helpful to browse the forums here - especially the newbies forum - to get some basic info about how to proceed from here. Also, there are a slew of good Youtube vids out there to browse, plus a bunch of us at this site have blogs too (including me). I think you'll find this community to be generally very supportive and helpful!

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Thanks for taking the time to give me the info. That pic was after I had co-washed and just had leave-in applied. I didn't buy any gel. But yeah, when I first got home I went a little nuts. Lol. I have blog(s), too. I'm a graphic designer. I make them for people. I make business cards a lot, too. Mostly for hair stylists.

Here are some:

eMe | Design Portfolio

Mizosoop | Home of The Street Wear and #TechGeek

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Love your hair! Wishing I went shorter for my big chop. But I love it. I could NOT wait to see my curls without the wispy limp ends hanging there. For a month a rocked a wash n go, falling in love with my curls every time. Becoming a product junkie is inevitable and you saved a lot of time/money experimenting with your sister's arsenal. Products can be tricky but you have to try only a few at a time to know which combo and ingredients work best. That might mean a few unwanted and less desirable results so be ready with a go to style in the clutch. Personally, I love As I Am Co-Wash Coconut Cleanser and ORS Curls Unleashed Boosting Jelly.

May the force be with you!

Here's my natural hair journey!
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You & your hair look amazing!!
Good luck with your natural journey
How did you fix it? "Y in the world does my right-side-up picture on my computer keep uploading sideways on Naturally Curly??? "

I have the SAME issue!
Congrats! Your hair looks great. Good luck with the rest of your journey. X
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Your hair's freaking gorgeous!
Originally Posted by autumnducky
Agreed, and it's going to grow out 100% healthy, which makes it even more awesome
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