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Leyley223 09-02-2013 04:50 PM

New to CG method, some help pls!!
Hi Everyone!,

As the title suggests I am new to the CG method and this website after stumbling across this blog post: Dorm Room Curly: All in One Guide for the Curly Girl Method

and it left me with a few questions, but before I start I should say that I have a mix between 2B & 2A hair , my top layer is wavy and wont curl as well as the bottom layers and I also find that as my curls start at eye-level it weighs the roots down a lot leaving them and my bangs flat and limp, but my main questions are :

1. Should I co-wash my hair? or just use sulphate free shampoos and conditioners?

2. should i be using a clarifying shampoo,as my hair is prone to build up and greasiness, and if so how many times should i use it a week?

3. As I said before my bangs and roots are often weighed down by my curls and my top layer is always left frizzier compared to the rest of my layers, is there anything i can do to rectify this?

sorry for the long post!

L x

Firefox7275 09-02-2013 05:32 PM


What are your hair properties and dew points/ humidity? Might be your top layer is more damaged due to sunlight, brushing, shower beating down etc. Try washing and styling upside down for more volume and root wave, but it may be that is just the way your hair is.

Hydrolysed protein and magnesium sulphate can boost waves, additional leave in conditioner or styling product can smooth frizz. Lots of people seem to like flaxseed gel or okra gel.

Conditioner washing can shift greasiness if that is the route you go, conversely harsh shampoos can strip the scalp causing it to produce more sebum. For product build up simply avoid products and ingredients that b build up - silicones, waxes, some polyquats, butters.

kateausten 09-07-2013 09:37 AM

Do you have a good layered haircut? I have thick wavy hair with more curls on the bottom as well, and it's crucial that I get layers all around my head or the top layer will look kind of limp. The top layer needs to be a few inches shorter, at least, than the bottom layer to make it spring up. Sometimes people will try to cut your hair like straight hair and be resistant to cutting your layers short enough, unfortunately.

I have only been doing this for a short time but I like using a sulfate free shampoo, not CO method. I think with wavy hair, it's common to need a real shampoo, just a gentle one.

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