As I'm sitting here at my laptop, with my deep conditioner in my hair, I'm so thankful I've found this website and the CG method for my curls. I'm about 2 weeks in and I'm re-learning my curls all over again.

I've embraced my curls for a long time, so I love them and always will. But I used to use tons of silicones and sulfates to get my desired look. After a co-worker of mine shed light on my curly world, I've walked away from all the cones and 'fates and haven't thought twice!

I've grown a bit obsessive... lol I've been lerking around on here for awhile and am just getting around to registering. I'm excited to continue this journey and learn all I possibly can

I'm a combo 3A/3B, bottecelli/corkscrew, with medium porosity and medium texture. I've recently got a Devacut, and although I wasn't completely satified, I'm working through it. Any words of wisdom are welcomed and appreciated!