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Hi I'm Jada :). I am currently transitioning. I plan on transitioning for at least a year depending on the growth I have by the end of my mark. My last relaxer, (well, I actually texlaxed or texturized or whatever it's called lol) on August 25, 2013. My mom made me get one for starting school again (9th grade) -___- but she promised it would be my last one.

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My 1 month mark is September 25, 2013 going on month 2. :) I have a question about my regimen. When is it best to start co-washing? I'm at about under an inch of new growth (the picture might not look convincing, but trust me, I even had my big brother touch it to make sure I was right about my new growth lol). But I usually deep condition for each wash and/or occasionally do mayonnaise deep condition for protein. I really need tips on how to spice up my regimen. Any advice? :)
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How often do you shampoo now? Every day? Why not just start skipping days? See how it feels?

I've only ever had one perm in my life (7th grade that was 20 years ago! It was a mistake) I hated it and started growing it out right away. Sadly I found that the place where the straightened hair met my natural hair was a point of weakness and it often broke there.

After 6 months I cut all the straight bits off and was so happy to have "my" hair back.

But this was in the past long long ago before words like "co-washing"

I'm still trying to be convinced that conditioner is necessary, to be honest.
Jaytrendyme- I transitioned for 10 months before I cut my last 2-3 inches of relaxer out of my hair which at the time was about shoulder length. I have a few questions for you, and I'm sorry you hadn't gotten any answers earlier. I do hope that your hair journey is going well!

First- how are you wearing your hair? My hair would wave up even with a fresh relaxer so I rocked wash-n-go's while transitioning and I co-washed even then because my relaxed ends seemed to be extra thirsty. Even now, I have to be very careful about how often I use shampoo b/c of how dry my scalp ends up being even with no sulfate shampoo used only on my roots and scalp.

Second- are you doing any protective styles now? I have to admit I did more protective styles while transitioning than I do now. I tried perm rod sets, bantu knots, braiding, and hot curlers. I absolutely love my curls, and am either a) too lazy or b) not impressed with how my hair looks with protective styles now that it's all natural.

Other things I noticed that helped a lot were misting my hair with "moisture mist" made up of water, conditioner, and a little oil to refresh curls/keep my hair moisturized and less tangled. I also started sleeping on a satin pillowcase, now that it's colder I'm sleeping with a satin scarf on my head but I sweat at night if I wear it during the summer (not cute). If your hair is long enough you could start putting a pineapple in at night or braiding it. Good luck and I hope that helps!

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