Transitioning problems?

I'm currently about 11 months post-relaxer and I feel like my hair isnt growing as fast as everyone else. do you think I have a lot of new growth to be almost 1 year post reaxer? Also I think my relaxed ends are thinning out but im not ready to cut them off yet. How can I stop it from thinning?? (I had just washed me hair on this pic, kinda damp)
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Welcome to the board! And unfortunately that's usually what happens during transitioning, the permed ends over time thin and become drier. It's almost like your hair is telling you it's time for a trim. Maybe not a full on cut, but would you consider a trim?

Anywho, mosey on over to the transitioners section, I'm sure they're going through something similar.

As for myself when my ends started breaking and thinning, I just cut them. My hair decided for me and eventually I would have to cut them off anyway. I took the plunge and was grateful in the end that I made that decision.
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