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Hi everyone!

I'm new to this site and I'm only just working out how to use it, but I'm so glad I stumbled across it because I need some serious hair help.

I've never do anything to my hair other than wash and comb it - that is, I don't ever straighten it, I don't use styling gels or product and I don't brush it when it's dry. I haven't even had it cut for a while because I'm trying (and failing) to grow it. But for a long time now it's been really uneven. I think I mainly have type 3B hair but for some reason, on one side of my head and a bit at the back, underneath the top layers of hair, I'm more like type 4A. This means that no matter how evenly the hair dresser cuts my hair, one side always springs up more than the other when it dries. My hair is left looking lopsided, uneven and frankly, a bit ridiculous!

If anyone has any advice, or has experienced the same problem, I'd really appreciate the help.

Thanks everyone!
This may be a no-no here but I only cut my hair when it is in its natural state. I have way too much shrinkage to cut it while it is straight.
I, like Nebh and a lot of curlies here cut their hair while curly. Then also cutting while dry or damp but never wet because of shrinkage.

I have a mix of 3C/4A curls and so far my favorite thing to do is finger coils to give uniform curls. It also makes them look more even in length. I wash like normal, apply my stylers to sections of hair then twirl pieces down the length around my finger. The results remind me of tiny curlformer curls.

I also like washing, twisting all over with my stylers in, the absorbing excess liquid with a t-shirt before untwisting and arranging curls. I used a diffuser set to low heat on the roots until they were dry. Both ways leave me with root volume, more uniform curl, and similar length all over. I end up doing this method more often than coils but just found flaxseed gel. Mixed with conditioner, I can make larger coil sections and separate them when they dry which lessens the time needed to install the first coils. I can wear for a day or two then separate I hope.

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PT: iagirl's gelatin treatment 3-4 times a month, with conditioner/honey/avj
Traditional, wet cuts, while pulling the hair straight are what cause that. Contrary to conventional wisdom that the key to a great haircut is precision in doing the above, curly hair should be cut dry, with the curl, without pulling on it, and curl by curl: a system developed by Lorraine Massey, and known as Deva cuts, after the name of the salon with which she was associated, Devachan.

I have a mixed curl pattern too, and my hair always looked ragged until I started having Deva cuts.
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Thank you all so much this is so useful!! Okay, so I should definitely start cutting my hair when it's dry. Do you guys cut your hair yourselves, or do you go to a hair dressers?

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I've done both. I'd rather cut it myself than go to a hairdresser who doesn't know how to cut curly hair dry, with the curl, and curl by curl. I know I can do a much better job than they can. However, I need to take my time when I do that, which usually results in my cutting it by stages (doing the perimeter as one stage, then taking my time cutting the individual curls for shaping). If I can go to somebody who knows what they're doing, I prefer that.

Baby Fine 3B, low porosity, normal density and elasticity
CGing since July 2008
My curls wouldn't curl in certain spots until I started getting a deva cut. I tried cutting my own hair & that was a disaster. Now I go to get my hair cut. I want my hair cut properly. More power to those who cut their own hair. So brave.
I think I'm going to try to cut it myself - there aren't any hairdressers near me who cut curly hair. I'm really nervous about doing it though - anyone got any more tips?
There are instructions in the Curly Girl Handbook apparently, also worth checking out YouTube.
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Flour sack towel, pixie diffuse or air dry.
Experimenting with: benign neglect

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