Newbie and starting No Poo TOMORROW. YIKESSSSSSSSS.

I am a newbie here from MI and just obtained "Curly Girl" from Barnes and Noble. I am very intrigued by all of this so I am going to start my regime tomorrow (bought the stash for recipies, etc today!).

I've had curly hair since 5th grade...before that...STICK STRAIGHT. The weird thing is..if you were to lift up my hair in the back, all of it underneath is straight! But on top and on the sides....forget it! The longer it is, the more weight on the curl and they aren't as springy/sprial-y. But if I go to shoulder length or shorter..I do get sprials on the sides...and mainly waves in the back.

If you are familiar with that book, I am one of those chicks that has the B-type of curls (I certainly am not going to attempt spelling on that!)...and maybe a cross between a 3a/3b..depending on which part of my head we are talking about.

I've had the same freakin' hair style (if you call it a STYLE) for the past 15 not even kidding. But my GAWD...trying to find someone that can CUT the mess so that I can re-do it and redo it over and over and it behaves...well.that is another issue.

The problem is the front/immediate sides. I don't do bangs well (not because I don't want to..but because they just don't WORK) and the sides in front of my ears are always frizzy or just don't work right and the top is soooo top heavy and leaves my hair FLAT on I've tossed the bangs and the sides up in a barrette on my "hair days" (for the last 15 years...!!!!). On my no-hair gets put in a pony tail.

I've only used a blow-dryer to give volume and never used it on completely dry or wet hair...and before I started air-drying, I would turn on a floor fan....lay on my bed ..and drape my hair over the bed with the fan drying it. It worked well!! It did!! But the stinkin' CUTS were horrible and up it went again with the barrette. Nice.

And I swear I was the only living person who would totally turn on the Weather Channel to see what the stinkin' dewpoit was before I even decided if it were going to be a "hair-day" or not. If it got above 50....there was no chance.

It's time for some change..and here I am...and I am giving this CG stuff a go and maybe I can lose the barrette once and for all!
welcome, good luck, there is so much to learn here, just read up in all you can
hi,welcome to the site.
My hair is naturally curly,very long thick corkscrew curls that are 3B
will add more curl pics soon,thx
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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