What the heck is my curl type????

OK so I have done years of research...been a curly all my life. I've taken the quiz....I have NO idea what my hair type is. It's a little of everything! Some waves some curls, even sort of straight on the last few inches..... HELP ME!! It's VERY thin and whispy. It stays tangled up no matter what I do, it's frizzy and ratty and uncontrollable. I'm just ready to shave it. My bangs won't curl they curl for the first two inches and then are half straight and stick almost straight up sometimes. I'm so fed up.
Here are some pictures for yall
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What the heck is my curl type????-uploadfromtaptalk1457838721223.jpg   What the heck is my curl type????-uploadfromtaptalk1457838737287.jpg   What the heck is my curl type????-uploadfromtaptalk1457838824608.jpg  

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Hey, don't worry, you're definitely not alone I bet everyone of us has felt the same way about our hair at one point or another. I know one of the most frustrating things about curls/waves is the unpredictability- it's all about experimenting and adjusting your routine (ex. some routines/products only work in certain weather). Try looking at each "failure" as a lesson and learning experience <3. Your hair looks like it's primarily 2b with some 2a, to me. Curl type is mostly a label, I've found that the most useful characteristics to know about your hair are its porosity and density. Your hair looks like it has a fine density. As far as porosity, it can't be told by looking at pics, I recommend reading articles and posts here about porosity help you determine what porosity you have. Colored/chemical treated/damaged hair tends to be high porosity. I also recommend watching and subbing to The Polished Curl or Chupie on Youtube, they're both fine-medium density wavies and their videos and recommendations might help you out.
2C/3A. med-high porosity. waist length. balayaged. LI - Curl Keeper - G.
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