What does Plopping Mean?

Have been reading in lots of threads about plopping. What is it?
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Ok, I've been trying this, but I don't know how long to leave my hair wrapped. (I am using a long sleeve cotton shirt). Is there a certain amount of time to work best?
Here's a video that will help you see what plopping aka plunking is and how to do it.
I plop with a regular towel for about 30 mins, I think that's the right time for my hair because it leaves it wet enough for airdrying without getting too frizzy.
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Ok, I've been trying this, but I don't know how long to leave my hair wrapped. (I am using a long sleeve cotton shirt). Is there a certain amount of time to work best?
Originally Posted by Brooke789
I think this is one of those questions that you really have to determine for yourself. I think it has a lot to do with how much hair you have, the texture of your hair and how dry you want it to be after you're finished plopping.

I use an acquis microfibre towel when I plop; I find it more absorbent than a cotton t-shirt. I plop for around 10 minutes ... give or take a few minutes depending on what I'm doing. I find that the plopping helps my hair to dry MUCH faster. Before I tried the plopping, it was taking my hair forever to dry - even with the diffusing.

I also started scrunching my hair - just slightly - before I plop. When I do that, it takes the 'drip' away from my hair, so it isn't soaking wet when I plop. This also cuts down on the drying time. If you plop soaking wet (no scrunching prior), you may need to plop longer.

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do you put products into your hair before or after plopping?
I just started plopping or plunking a couple weeks ago, and I find it really helpful for keeping my hair under control.
I put product in it when it is dripping wet, then crunch with a towel, then plop (or plunk) for 20-40 minutes. I diffuse until I am about 80% dry, put some clips in the crown to give me some lift, and let it air dry the rest of the way. Before I leave for work, I pull out the clips, scrunch out the crunch of the product and put a tiny bit of pomade on the curls to keep them from frizzing.
Hope that helps.
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is it bad to use a terricloth towel when plopping? my hair is down to my bellybutton so i'm not sure if a lage t-shirt will be big enough and i dont have a micro-fiber towel. any suggestions?
Some people can and do use them. I can't because I get frizz from a regular towel which is the same problem many others have.

I use a Large long-sleeved Men's t-shirt. The arms tie in the front of my head and the t-shirt itself is pretty big so I have no problems with coverage.

I got mine from being in a fundraiser but I've seen them dirt cheap in the second-hand stores.

Also got a microfibre towel for pretty cheap in Winner's (Canada's equivalent of TJ Maxx). Not sure whether I like it as much as my t-shirt yet.

ETA: Even something as big as an XL men's short-sleeved t-shirt won't work for me. Because the arms are short I have a really hard time getting it to stay tied. It's not my hair that's too big .. it's my head.
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my hair is really long so i'm not sure if it will all go into a t-shirt. but thanks, ill try it.

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