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nothing to add, just a friendly bump!
CG (modified) since 6/18/2009
ii, 2c/3a?, med/course, porous (I think), normal elasticity
co-wash: Suave green apple, Deva no-poo, Giovanni TTTT, occasional Deva low-poo
condish: playing with NatPathAV, AOHR,
leave-in: KCNT
styling: HE set me up, curl keeper, KCCC, and BRHG
great link a must read so much good info,awesome thread .
Brunette 2c/3a Fine To Medium, ii / iii volume ,normal to medium porocity,low elasticity.
O>co washing : original source conditioners (all varieties) ,
O>experimenting: shampoo bars and acv,
O:leave in dr bronners aloe vera
O>styling:boots pink curl creme ,clear gel,
loose curls and waves around the front some coils underneath and around my nape

haven't found my holy grail or perfect combo yet but come close.

my hair loves acv and honey
3a/C/iii; mod-CG since 07/14/08
Shampoo: Whole Foods 365 Citrus Grapefruit shampoo (same results as Deva Low Poo but a tenth of the price!)
Condish: Deva One Condition
Styling: Deva AnGel, then SOTC with no Frizz creme
Hairtwins! Ab-star, Ledzeppole, Shellynot, soficurls and tarc817

Bumping! This really should be stickied.
Wave, fine, medium texture, color-treated, porous
Lo Poo: DevaCurl Lo Poo
CO Wash: VO5 Kiwi Lime
Condish: Tressemme Naturals Moist and GCP CB
Leave in: (experimenting but like KCKT)
PT: (experimenting)
DT: (experimenting)
Styling Combos: SS CEJ add SS FHG, KCKT and KCCC
Experimenting with: Suave Captivating Curls Mouse
Techniques: Icequeen, Smasters
Hair Dislikes: glycerin!!
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This is a great post! I stickied it for all of you!

This is a great post! I stickied it for all of you!

Originally Posted by Michelle
Hi! I'm 16 and run the blog fuzziestbunnyslippers with my mom!
I just did a review about the amazing curly hair care line Spiral Solutions.

Go to the link to find out more! thanks
Thank you so much! As you can see - I'm new here. I found a lot on forum, but this links are very helpful
I will be testing products to see how they work with my hair and what is best!
My favorite kinds of posts, I love getting all the information I can and plan to continue to educate myself because everyday I learn something new to try on my hair.
Hi ladies!!
I am an avid follower of's Curl Talk section and I just wanted to let you all know that I was one of the curlies chosen to be one of's hair vloggers!
Although I'm in college, I still try to use inexpensive products and do simple if you're interested in watching....visit!

I'll be having my first curly product giveaway soon, so hurry and subscribe to participate!!!
Also I love feedback on my videos...if you think I should talk about other things or show you more...TELL ME! =)
I am just learning how to get around on here. But I happen to see you were also having trouble trying to get the curl to come up at the crown.What to do with my lifeless curls and flatness at my crown. Maybe you know of some others on here that have 3B curly spirally hair. Anxious to talk with some people who have my hair type !
Thanks for this post! It is extremely helpful.
Thanks QuirkyYogini. You're truly amazing. I really think still now these links are useful for curly hair implementation learning. I've enjoyed studying it.

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