Any Asian girls with natural curls?

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And everyone expects "arabics" or whatever to have straight hair & dark skin. But I break both of those rules.
Originally Posted by bridgete2010
I'm also Jewish (and born in Israel), and about half of my family has hair as curly hair as mine or more.
Originally Posted by Nahani
OMG thank you (:
point proven (:

and you were born in Israel? Awesomee (: I wish I born anywhere other than New York.


Its so boring here D:

but yeah --- yay for jewish curlies !

Stay curly xx
I'm Indian-Indonesian, my hair is 2c/3c-ish. Imagine Shirley Temple curls but about pen thickness though my hair sometimes gives up and settles for being individual curls that like to be wavy as a whole. For me I found that the longer my hair is, the less volume it has making it easier to manage.

Has anyone tried the keratin hair treatment? My mom got it done a few months ago & it turned out pretty good for her.

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Pakistani here.. Fine haired semi porous 3-b curls.

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I'm a curly Asian!
Well, a curly half-Asian. My mom is Japanese.

And yeah, it bugs me when people say that they only like my curls because most Asians have straight hair! There are plenty of us with curls!
Meet Chelsea: a curly-haired (type 2c/3a and very porous), half-Japanese 18-year-old with a lot on her mind.
Just beginning to embrace the curls!
At the moment:
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I love my life!

i am a curly half indonesian
i had 3b hair but right now 2c/3a
half filipino here! 3b/3c corkscrew curly hair
I've been wondering if I was the only one. Glad to see that I'm not.

I'm 100% Vietnamese with wavey-frizzy hair. The strange thing is... I'm the only one with curly hair among all my brothers and sisters (7 children in my family), and relatives for that matter. I look very much like my dad and somewhat like my mom; so, I'm 99.9% sure I wasn't adopted!

My hair is thinner than my sisters'. My dad and one of my older brother have the same hair texture as I am but not sure whether they're curly or not. No way of telling since their hairs have been always kept military short.

When I was young, I wanted my hair to be a bit more wavey so I went to get a perm. I've always explained to the hair dressers that my hair hold curls very well and to leave the chemical on for the shortest possible time . Of course, they had a hard time believing and would ended up leaving the perm chemical on my hair too long. Each time, I would walked out from the saloon with tight curls . After a long fight with tight curly hair, I vowed never to have another perm again. As I grew older, I finally understood that I never really needed one.

I too, have gone from long to short hair styles and vice versa. Currently, my hair is at a length above the shoulder, about mid-neck. The style: a bob cut with long layers with about 2" texturized (texturizing shears was used, no blade allows on my hair ), and front hair bangs is also minorly texturized. This style allows my hair to be whatever it wants to be, wavey or frizzy. It also look good with the shape of my face (square jaws).

Ha-ha... now, I don't feel like an oddball anymore.
I'm with you, Entity. I'm 100% Chinese with hair that makes me wonder if I'm adopted...
I have a friend who's half Filipino, half Japanese, and she has 2C hair. I have another friend who is 1/4 Japanese but looks VERY Japanese, except her very dark brown hair is 2C. She hates it. She loves curly hair on white people but keeps telling me she can never like it on herself because she's supposed to have pinstraight hair if she's going to be able to relate to Japanese people, so she can never like it curly (she loves my waves though!) It always makes me very sad to hear her say that.
totally agree with you kamarati. im full chinese. 100%. both my parents are chinese, and so are their parents. yet i have REALLY REALLY curly hair. like kinky curly hair. i dont know how to deal with it???!!!!
most people dont believe me that im chinese, but everyone in my family is chinese

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i'm half austrian half afghan.
but born in germany. ^^
most of my afghan relatives have much curlier hair than me, and all of my austrian-german relatives have really thin, straight hair.
Location: Germany
2a/2b?Miii, medium porosity here...
Filipino and wavy/curly, when it behaves, wonky on bad days ... there are so many Filipinos with curly hair and not know it, or deny it (some fake it though)..i think it's just stereotyping that made us all think that asians are SUPPOSED to have straight hair
product staple: suave coconut conditioner
goal: healthy BSL!
obstacle: haven't figured it out
probable suspects
  • hard water
  • varying product use
  • weather-hair chemistry confusion
I'm not "asian" in the true respect but I am Indian and can totally relate to you

It seems like all Indian women just want to straighten their hair these days. There are barely any actresses or other women that leave their hair naturally. When I go to parties with other Indian teens, their hair is always ALL straightened...I'm always the only wavy. And my hair is so incredibly thick too.

I don't know what it is with the culture but it seems like a lot of people don't like naturally curly hair. I wore mine down yesterday at a party and everyone asked me why I hadn't straightened it and "what happened to it".
I'm 1/2 Chinese and 1/2 African American with type 3(c) hair and I live in Asia. Even though most women where I live do have poker straight hair...rebonding is really really popular so there are more curly Asians than one would think.
I'm 1/2 Filipino & 1/2 Black. & I proudly get my curly 3b/3c hair from my asian side.
Hey! I'm 100% Chinese/Taiwanese (whatever you want to call it) and I have super curly hair People are either confused or scared when I walk around with my curly hair.
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I diffuse and use CHS roller jaw clips
I'm full Chinese and I never knew how to control my unruly hair until now! I <3 this website oh so very much.
I don't know what it is with the culture but it seems like a lot of people don't like naturally curly hair. I wore mine down yesterday at a party and everyone asked me why I hadn't straightened it and "what happened to it".
Originally Posted by wavie
hate it when someone says that!..i totally agree,it's the same thing here, straightening, rebonding etc.
i think that's why it's so hard to find curl friendly products here(i live in the Philippines), because everyone seems to want to forget curly hair exists
product staple: suave coconut conditioner
goal: healthy BSL!
obstacle: haven't figured it out
probable suspects
  • hard water
  • varying product use
  • weather-hair chemistry confusion
I'm a curly-haired Filipina based in Manila. So is my twin sister, my dad and my mom. The only exception is my brother who seems to only have wavy hair.

I've recently just come to terms with the idea of loving my curly hair and I'm ready to chop off the rebonded part of my hair.

It's been two years since my last hair cut and hair rebond and I can't wait. the only problem is, I'm a little wary of trying out stylists who wouldn't know the first thing to do with cutting curly hair. :-s
I am a Chinese with curly hair too! And all those years, I also thought that I was cursed with hair that wouldn't listen to me and different from everyone else' (my elementary school teacher gave me a nick name, "lion head", because of my unruly mane. He meant it as an affectionate name though, so it was cool).

Now, after 5 years of permanently straightening my hair (and killing it in the process), I really want to find ways to have my hair in its natural state, but manageable and pretty (it looks so good when it's wet). I have looked up various information and help websites, and have been growing my hair so that I can cut off the straightened part.

Now that I am almost nearing the length at which I can cut my hair, I am trying to figure out what products would be good to start with. I think my hair is either 2c or 3a.

Is there any nice soul who could give me some good advice? Your help is very much appreciated!

Also, since I live in western Canada, I don't have access to some products that are only sold in the States... It will be great if there are substitutes that could be found in Canada!

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