Any Asian girls with natural curls?

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I don't know what it is with the culture but it seems like a lot of people don't like naturally curly hair. I wore mine down yesterday at a party and everyone asked me why I hadn't straightened it and "what happened to it".
Originally Posted by wavie
I totally agree.. I am indian and I have curly hair. I often have people telling me my hair would look so much nicer straight, and how I should comb my hair because it looks unruly..
OOOh, me me meee!!!

I would kill for lighter coloured hair, but I'm a filipino and it wouldn't really suit my dark olive skin tone! YAAAY!

Oh, oh and I'm also from Canada, and have a hard time looking for curly stylists here, even with the stylist finder.
Type:2c/3a botticelli curls with 2b/c at the underlayers and some of the back, very thick and mid-back length, black w/ very few caramel highlights

I kept falling off the cg wagon but finally started properly as of July 2010
I use tresemme naturals condish, liveclean argan oil and argan oil leave-in condish and curl keeper!

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I am Indian and have type 2b hair. Its medium length mostly wavy/curly with lots of frizz on the crown. I tried the straight look couple of years back and must say it was not a good experience. Have decided to stay natural and love it when I have my curls intact after using a product. However, I have one too many bad hair days. So if I do not use the product my hair poofs up and looks like a nest

I use the Loreal Spiral Extreme for maintaining the curls. I am also looking for products to keep the frizz down and hair moisturized . Any suggestions on that will really be appreciated.

Hi, my name is Deepa and i am an indian... I most definitely have curly hair, and am very confused as to how to care for it.... This is because, I have dry scalp and have alot of flakes. IF I do not wash my hair everyday, it will be very terrible.. And to top the confusion, my hair is a 3b, and many ppl are telling my I ought to only wash my hair 2-3 times a week... What am i to do? If i do wash my hair, my curls are gone in to chaotic mode, n if i don't my flakes will start snowing... literally!!
im asian with curly hair.. but im a guy lol i didn't start seeing the curls till idk.. i went into high school, but that was almost almost 15 years ago. i don't really mind it but i hate when i wake up, whenever i try to straighten my hair, one side always curls up. especially when i tie it in a pony tail, it seems to make it worse. my bangs are so curly, i twist it as it was a pigs tail. lol just a thought to share with many people if they don't usually see a male asian with curly hair. my family generations have no curly hair except for my grandma tho she has a little on the back of her head. just a thought i would share with everyone
I'm half Asian (my mom is Chinese), and half Caucasian (my dad is Irish, German, and British) and I have pretty wavy hair.
CG Newbie! (Oct, '10)

Products I'm liking:
Suave Naturals Lavender Conditioner, Burt's Bees Pomegranate Shampoo and Conditioner,L'oreal Everstrong Hydrate Conditioner,FX Curl Booster Fixative Gel, and homemade Flaxseed gel!
Just purchased: Kinky Curly Curling Cream, DevaCurl No-Poo, and a Devafuser!
Asian here too! maybe the reason why they think not a lot of asians have curly hair is bec. most of the well known asian looking men&women have straight hair. happy to hear from y'all
Asian checking in here too!! I'm part Chinese and part Indonesian and I got my curls from my Dad's side (which is part Indonesian). It used to drive me crazy growing up in Asia where beauty = poker straight hair and I had my hair straighten for about 5 years until I decided I had enough. Plus all the chemicals were just killing my hair. When I finally stopped straightening my hair was just one damaged poofball.
I'm Filipino with 3b curls. I'm a boy though. I didn't know my hair was going to be this curly until I wore it longer. It's about 8 inches now.

My mom, brother, and sister have 2b-ish wavy hair. I'm not sure about my father though cause he wears his hair super short.

My grandfather from the mother's side has super straight hair. Grandmom has curly. Not as curly as mine though. On my father's side, well, His siblings mostly have straight/wavy hair. But he said once that his mom has curly hair (he wasn't sure).
ME! Im half-asian, quarter puerto rican, quarter american... I had super straight hair when I was younger and then puberty happened. I envy my sisters with their nice long STRAIGHT no hassle hair... and its a little difficult to like your hair when everyone in your family wants to straighten it! But im trying it out I love the way it looks (When it behaves)
I'm 100% Chinese (75% Cantonese, 25% Yunan Provence) and have wavy hair (2a). My daughter is 50% Chinese and 50% Puerto Rican (but she's got straight hair!) Right now her hair is easier to take care of than mine...not sure what's in store after another 10 years when she goes through puberty. Mine gets wavier as the years go by). Her daddy has wavy hair too...

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Wow, there are a lot of us. Funny how people still think Asians with curly hair don't exist!
My mom is Taiwanese and my dad is Caucasian (his family originally came from Germany). I'm a 2b/2c. This is weird because neither of my parents has waves or curls...
Hey another Asian here.
I had super curly hair as a kid. People would ask my mom if I had a perm or if she curled it.

As I got older it grew out into waves and curls at the bottom.
I would say now that I am a 2c thick coarse hair. I have loose S waves at the top and spirals at the bottom.

When I first went natural it took me a while to get use to the unruliness and frizz and would put product on it every day to control it. Now I realise a year on the more volume the better.
2b/2c medium coarse hair.
wavy with some spirals at the bottom
I've seen a good number of Chinese people with curly hair. I don't know the percentage but you'll never know because many of those with natural curls straighten their hair.
A good friend of my sister's, ethnically Chinese, has Type 3 Hair. And boy does she like to flaunt her curls. I don't blame her though. Her hair looks gorgeous on her.

Here you can see what I mean with Type 3 Hair:
Hey! Here I am! LOL

I'm part south asian, (my ancestors are jewish, somewhere from the middle east..) And everyone expects "arabics" or whatever to have straight hair & dark skin. But I break both of those rules.

Anyways. I figured I'd pop in. Just to let you gals know that your hair is beautiful!
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Originally Posted by bridgete2010

Hey there, I'm middle eastern (a mixture of jewish/arab and iranian) and I have a set of curls on my head. Actually, it's much more common to find curly tops in the middle east in all of Asia! Ever heard of the Jew Fro?

Haha. :P

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I have very blonde curly hair... but then... I'm only an eighth Filipina...
Half-Asian curly girl here! I'm half Japanese, half Caucasian and I have 2c/3a curls. I don't look very Asian, most people look at me and think I'm white. It's weird being with my Asian friends and they have straight or slightly wavy hair, and here I am with wurlies
I need some product recommendations. I saw Miss Jessie's products, but they seem to be for African American hair only. Has anyone tried it for their non African American hair? If so, do you like it? Any other suggestions for a styling product much appreciated. Thanks.
Originally Posted by tinyt
African American hair does not exist. Miss Jessie's products should work for anyone with a natural curl or wave.
Originally Posted by Marllon
OMG thank you! I know... there's no such thing as "african american" hair..... I went to Sally's and wanted some hair oil, and my mother told me I was in the wrong aisle! She was like "uhhh this is for women of color"

I was fuming.

But the funny thing is, my mothers hair is 3c or 4a on some days. LOL

anyways, the hair supplies work for me !!!
Stay Curly
Originally Posted by bridgete2010
I get funny looks when I walk down the aisle for curly/natural hair at Sally's<-Whatever that means. The sales associates look at me like I'm lost and continuously ask me if I need help.
Kinda annoying. My mom has a naturally really wavy hair, and I inherited it from her. It's a nightmare to wake up to have the back of the head be extremely messy, especially showering before night. It's weird because the front of the hair is more straight than the back so it is also uneven, which is awkward. I don't know how it would be if I grew my hair really long because my mom never gave me the chance to haha.
I'm new to this forum and thought I would say Hello. I recently discovered that my ethnic back ground may be incorrect. I was born in Seoul Korea, adopted by an american family, and I have perfect curls, more of a blend of 3a and 3b grade curls. If the humidity is low I don't even need to use product.

All my life it was assumed that I was mixed with black. But I dont' have any black features, except that I am a little more on the brown side of tan than most Koreans who are quite fair. Also I have an ample bosom, but I don't know about what kind of breast size is average for korean women. I feel like maybe the hormones in milk or something caused me to develop more up top.

Recently I found out that there are at least two ethnic groups that consider themselves to be korean and that one of those ethnic groups has traits that result in a darker skin tone.

So now I am searching out ways to get a DNA test to determin my real heritage.

So I guess that is it for now. Look forward to hearing from YOU!

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