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Hi all,
Greetings from the land down under. I am a 42 year old curly from Melbourne. During my childhood I was quite blonde but have gradually darkened although maintained the blondness with a 6 weekly trip to the hairdressers.

Over the years I have gone through curly stages and death by blow drying stages but since having my first child nearly 4 years ago and returning to work full time I find I just don't have the time to spend on blow drying my hair anymore (luckily for it). My hair has generally been layered shoulder length but I have been growing my hair for the last couple of years mainly so I can just tie it up and it is now at the stage where it desperately needs a good cut and style. I have also stopped colouring it, although I hate my "natural" colour after so many years as a blonde. I find that I can no longer justify the time and expense of those 6 weekly visits.

I was very happy with my hairdressers of many years, Le salon in Forest Hill, but have moved out of the area and am searching for a new one in the Chadstone area if anyone has any recommendations?

Have just discovered the CG method and determined to start following it as my hair is quite dry and frizzy and neglegted. Here's a recent photo, I'd appreciate suggestions on a good style.

KarenNew Aussie Curly-karen-jul-08.jpg
Welcome and thanks for joining us! We're so glad to have another Aussie among us.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

hahaha we sure do need more aussies around here, I feel rather out numbered, let alone a little less off. No curly friendly salons here or brands... cg is rather alot of time and effort but it seems like it shall be all worth it.
Welcome, from another Aussie. I knew when I opened this that you wouldn't be from Adelaide - I'm all on my lonesome!
I'm on the Vogue forum and I know there were a couple of recs for good curly hairdressers in Melbourne on there a while back. I'll see if I can find them and get back to you.
3b in South Australia.
I had a look at those a while ago they all seemed a few years old.. wasn't sure if the stylist would still be there.

I just got my hair cut at biba academy they said I'd get someone who specializes in curls, but if someone who specializes in curls combs your hair with a fine tooth comb, gets annoyed washes it with SLS shampoo and combs it straight.. to say the least is a curl expert! Even if they did compliment me on my hair.(I know i should've left but i just drive 30mins to get there!) Not sure what the cut is like, it's straight at the moment on account that they wanted my hair to be straight.

Finally got back - these are recs from a thread from earlier this year. Don't know if they're any use as I don't know Melbourne suburbs particularly well.

Jamie at Sweet Caroline in Sth Yarra
Lucy at Cast in Nth Fitzroy
Mike or Rosie at Little Buddha in Collingwood
Mario at Fluff in Collingwood.
3b in South Australia.
During my childhood I was quite blonde but have gradually darkened although maintained the blondness with a 6 weekly trip to the hairdressers.
Originally Posted by nerdycomputergirl
You have my sympathies. My avatar is a pic of myself at about three years old. By mid teens my hair had turned quite dark. Now I'm the wrong side of 50 it's started to go a bit grey but at least I've still got these thick wavy tresses that I'm proud of.

What is the computer connection? I work with the d*** things myself, trying to keep them in order. And some people would rate me a bit of a nerd.

Welcome to the group anyway. (And yes there are a few curly boys here!)

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Have a look in the Aussie Swap section. A few of us chat in there.

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