new here..and glad to be here! :)

i'm amanda and i love my hair! it's all natural..down to my butt, strawberry-blonde, curly, and soo easy to take care of at least once a day someone stops me on the street and tells me how much they love my hair..i love it!! i want to trim it and maybe long layer it (since the ends are getting kinda rough) but other than that..i just gel it out of the shower and let it air that the best way to style it? I have no idea..i had to teach myself haircare..
but anyway, i'm soo glad to be here and can't wait to talk to all ya'll and search this site..!!
curly forever,

Welcome and we are glad to have you here!

Air drying is what most of us curlies do, as for your gel I would check to see if it has any 'cones (bad for curly hair) or other harmful ingriedents

If you want the link to learn about 'cones and such lemme know I'll gladly point you to the right direction!

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