New from Long Island

Hey everyone. I am just starting on my CG voyage. I began on August 4th, and so far have gotten nothing but compliments on my hair as of now. I used to hate my hair and do anything from brushing it frizzy to wearing it in a pony tail. I am going to Devachan in the city in 2 weeks and hoping to have better behaved hair for my wedding in October.

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hello!!! i'm from long island too.

not sure how that relates to anything, but i just thought you'd like to know

also from Long Island. let us know how the devachan goes... I'd like to go there some time just not wanting to spend the $$ currently.
welcome to the community lauren!
I am from Long Island also. I use to go to Devachan in the city. I don't know where you live, but in Cold Spring Harbor there is a salon called Colors of Cold Spring Harbor. There is a stylist Jen who was Deva trained. I went and she was incredible. I also had my color done by Courtney, also great. Hopefully you are close enough to go. I highly recommend them.
I am in Bethpage, so not that far from Cold Spring Harbor. I have been doing CG for a couple of days now and I can't believe how little product I am putting in my hair and how not fro-like my hair has been! Hopefully I can figure out how to post pictures of my hair..If any one has any tips on how to do that, I would appreciate it!

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