New pre-curly girl...

Hello.... My name is Leslie. I am aspiring to go curly... naturally. I have been 6 months without a relaxer and yesterday I did a 5 inch cut on the relaxed ends. i still have about 5 more inches in relaxed hair but I'm going slow. I want to slowly ease into turning curly. I have been wanting to curly for about 2 years, ever since one of my roomates mother showed me her natural curls from the use of Miss Jessie's products.

I'm not rich and Miss Jessie's is expensive so right now I'm looking for other products to start out with before I ease into very expensive things. I'm so glad I found this site, the variety of products and help seem plentiful and hopefully I can learn lots of hair techniques from you girls.

The only down side I feel to going naturally curly is time and maintenance on my hair. I'm lazy so the thought of doing my hair and spending hours on it is a downer but the results I've seen from other women seem to be worth it.

I'm looking for some beginners products, something I can buy right in Walmart or Beauty Supply for the transitioning, shampoos, conditioners, and other curl-inspiring product. I'm sure my hair is classified as a 4A, any help?

My goal is curls as the lady in my avatar.
Hi there! Welcome to NaturallyCurly; we're so glad to have you. And congratulations on going on natural!

You might have a look at Kinky-Curly and at Oyin -- both are excellent lines for the newly natural.
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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