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Hi everyone,

Well, as I sit writing this, I'm plopping for the first time, following my first ever clarifying wash in order to start CG. I'm so ridiculously excited! I can't thank you all enough. I've spent hours reading through info and posts over the last day or so, and am delighted that there may be a way forward with my frizzy long mop of hair.

I have spent most of my life absolutely hating my hair, but finally have been beginning to rather like it, or its potential at least. It's grown quite long now, roughly mid back, as I had found that the weight was helping it to sit better; otherwise it just seemed to be growing "outwards" rather than down! So, having read this site, I have decided not to make as appointment to get the whole lot cut off...but make it healthy and beautiful...I hope

I've got lots more reading to do, and I have ordered to GC book, so looking forward to reading that!

Thanks again, looking forward to getting to know you fellow curlies out there; I don't know anybody else with crazy hair quite like mine!

Jen x
Hello Curly Jeni and welcome to the Curl girls site. I am relatively new as well and have gained a wealth of information from this wonderful site. I am from Scotland and always glad to have another UK curly to chat to. Good luck with your haircut

Best wishes Maisie
Maisiemugwump 3A

Mod CG

Low Poo Skin shop Dry Scalp shampoo and conditioner ..

Leave in Anita Grant Whipped Butter
Styling Boots Curl Creme, AVG ,CK Anita Grant Cafe Latte .

Wanting to try EVERYTHING lol ok Donna Marie Honey and Aloe Gel, KCCC, KCKT KBB leave in conditioner

Occasionally using Rhassoul Clay

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