Hello all, new for CurlTalk

I have come to this website numerous times and love it but never joined or checked out these messageboards. Like many others I did a lot to my hair to keep it curly or to keep it from being curly but more recently I realized I look much better keeping my hair naturally curly and I get a lot of compliments from complete strangers. Since having my daughter my curls have become more pronounced which I love too. Anyway I just wanted to introduce myself.

I live in the Midwest and married with one daughter who is 4 and also has curly hair like mine. Her's is more wavy than curly but it's still cute and she gets a lot of compliments as well.

Hopefully I can get some more ideas and great advice for styling my curls and keeping them beautiful and maybe I can share some of my secrets as well.
Check out http://www.naturallycurly.com/ as a good place to start - we've got some fun articles relevant to Curly Kids you'll find in our CurlReading section too.
Have fun!
help from you all wonderful guys.i have got the most impossible hair on earth.Terrible is the word.Curly but not pretty curly like you guys its plain messy frizzy hell frizzy. so i got it thermally reconditioned a year back.now its too damaged. thought i would wear it curly hereafter.now i'm in th e process of growing out my hair.have switched to sulphate free poo,conditioner without cones ,but still its toooo frizzy.hope u wonderful people can help me.,i hate my hair!!

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