hi everyone,i'm quite new to this board.

i want help from all u wonderful people.trying to recover from all the damages done in years including thermal rebonding last year.my hair is curly poofy mess,.not pretty curly like u gals,its frizzy terrible frizzy .trying to switch to sulphate silicone free.
now using jessicurl hair cleansing cream & conditioner.what should i do?what can help my hair,its so poofy n frizzy and not soft to touch.thanks everyone. hope u guys will guide me.
I am sooo right there with you. I've been chemically and not chemically straightening my hair for yearssss. Now that I'm going to college I want to embrace my curls and figure out how to deal with them without a straight iron in hand.

I bought a bunch of products recently to tame my curls/frizz, but I must need a LOT of practice because damn, my hair is killing me. It's either way too out of control or it's not soft (it's gross and sticky) because of all the products...
hope we learn someday!
I've never chemically straightened my hair but it sounds like you gals need lots of moisture

here is a thread where you can learn lots of stuff http://www.naturallycurly.com/curlta...ad.php?t=47564

sorry I cant be of more help
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